We dipped our toes into the world of table linens last week with beautiful cloth napkins that you can buy. But considering that a blank linen makes such a perfect canvas, there’s really no reason to not doll ‘em up yourself! Check out these 25 festive ways to customize table cloths, runners, and napkins, all of which are amazing inspiration for the upcoming holidays. ‘Cause if you get dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, shouldn’t your table too?

1. Stamped Table Runner: Nothing feels more like fall than falling golden leaves! Channel that natural beauty in your linen design by stamping on this shape from a carved eraser. (via Méli Mélo)

2. Color Trimmed Napkins: These color trimmed napkins also have an unmistakably fall feel. The rich harvest hues will look on point next to the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. (via The Purl Bee)

3. Pom Pom Table Runner: Here’s why we’re head-over-heels in love with this table runner: one—its made out of butcher paper and two—pom poms are everything. (via Design Improvised)

4. Fall Patterned Napkins: The easiest, most cost-effective way to stamp pretty much anything is with a good old potato. Don’t believe us? Check out how this blogger turned her taters into the cute house and acorn stamps you see on these napkins. (via Shop Sweet Things)

5. Personalized Napkins: We can’t think of a more elegant way to personalize a linen. Metallic gold thread adds an extra special touch to this table accessory. (Oncewed)

6. Easy Fringe Table Runner: We’ve hopelessly fallen for all-things fringe, including this ridiculously fun table runner. Got extra tissue paper left over? Why not make a matching photo booth backdrop? (via Hank & Hunt)

7. Anthropologie Inspired Napkins: Oh Anthropologie, your impeccable taste in everything from jewelry to modern mirrors has inspired makers everywhere to recreate your wares on the cheap. And the trend continues with these Anthro-inspired napkins that look exactly like the real deal. (via Sarah Hearts)

8. Neon Dyed Napkins: We’re all for adding a dash of neon decor to your living space, like these these eye-catching neon dyed napkins. Our fave has to be the simple stenciled “Yum” floating in a spritz of highlighter yellow. (via Brit + Co.)

9. Pom Pom Table Cloth: Add some texture to your table setting with this pom pom table cloth. This playful linen is as easy to make as one, two, hot glue! (via The Sweetest Occasion)

10. Patterned Cloth Napkins: Your design possibilities are nearly endless when fabric markers are the tool of choice. With so much power at your fingertips, we recommend keeping your linen design simple like this cool tribal graphic. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

11. Canvas Drop Cloth Table Runner: There’s something so comforting about this rustic table runner, made from a frayed, canvas drop cloth. Take a cue from this blogger and decorate with dried eucalyptus or pine clippings when the table’s not set. (via A Daily Something)

12. Ombre Napkins: Still ogling everything ombre? Then these dip-dyed napkins are for you. We’re swooning over this grey gradient. (via Make and Takes)

13. Wooden Table Runner: This amazing wooden table runner would add a welcome rustic vibe to any modern living space. And you can make this innovative “linen” for less than $10. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

14. Gold Striped Table Runner: Bling out your dining table with this gold striped table runner. All you need is painter’s tape and metallic spray paint to get this gilded look. (via Poppytalk)

15. DIY Watercolor Napkins: You can bust out a bunch of beautiful napkins in a hurry with this easy watercolor technique. Don’t have fabric dye on hand? Get the same look with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol! (via The Inspired Room)

16. Dot Table Runner: Different shades of blue give this dreamy dotted table runner dimension. And take it from us, you can never add enough polka dots to your table setting! (via Inspired by Charm)

17. Color Block Ric Rac Napkins: You had us at “color block.” But adding adorable ric rac trim to these reversible napkins takes these to new levels of awesome. (via The Purl Bee)

18. Stenciled Drop Cloth Table Runner: Don’t be intimidated by the intricate pattern on this cloth runner—there’s a secret weapon in play here. They answer: a large stencil, repeated from end to end on this majestic table runner. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

19. Confetti Table Cloth: Nothing says “let’s have a party” more than confetti, so get the festive message across on your table cloth. Of course you get bonus points for serving a funfetti cake on your cloth creation. :) (via Oh! Happy Day)

20. Drop Cloth Numbered Napkins: Want to assign seating at your next sit-down dinner without seeming like a stickler? Try numbering your napkins with this free printable DIY! (via Cottage in the Oaks)

21. Thanksgiving Napkins: Celebrate the sentiment of the holiday with these Thanksgiving napkins. We love the way these were specially folded to hold the silverware at each setting. (via One Little Minute)

22. Woven Jute Table Runner: This woven jute table runner add so much charm to any neutral table. Stay with the rustic vibe and use butcher’s twine to keep napkins and utensils together. (via Tara Dennis)

23. Bunting Party Table Cloth: This table cloth proves you can still make beautiful bunting without scissors and string. We love how the design was painted to look like it’s hanging off the edges of the table! (via The Sweetest Occasion)

24. Geometric Print Napkins: Painting geometric shapes is a cinch with trusty painters tape. We love the clean, white patterns on these sea green napkins. (via Kittenhood)

25. Graphic Painted Table Cloth: As you can imagine, we’re a sucker for plus signs, so it’s no surprise we’re obsessed with this pretty patterned table cloth. Bonus: you only need two tools to make this DIY come to life! (via A Subtle Revelry)

Are you decking out your table this Thanksgiving? Tell us all about your DIY projects in the comments below!