Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away? Hopefully yesterday’s post on Thanksgiving in under two hours alleviated some of your stress. In the end, you can always turn to the BritList.

1. iPhone Cake Pan: Some people (aka… us!) turn silicone iPhone cases into chocolate molds. Some people invent an iPhone cake pan. We’re on board with all of it.

2. Bacon Scarf: It turns out bacon is more in style than we thought. Thanks to Swiss Miss for this find. (P.S. Upon Google Image searching for the perfect bacon scarf pic, we learned that bacon scarves are all over the place!)

3. Unofficial Burberry House: When a love of plaid goes too far, it turns into a house. A Burberry house!

4. Aquarium Coffee Table: Some things on old Hammacher didn’t make our ridiculous roundup. Nemo, are you in there?

5. Fart-proof Underwear: This underwear mask your odors. What?

6. Light Saber Chopsticks: Nerd alert! Feel the force… and pass the wasabi please.

7. Mac iPad Holder: Miss your old Mac? Channel 80s tech style with this nostalgic iPad case.

8. Patterned Paint Roller: Love this! So fun for adding an accent stripe or two and even for painting furniture or fabric.

9. Sugar Knife Marshmallows: These marshmallows are made with booze! Sure, the alcoholic component cooks out but how can you say no to flavors like Back that Razz Up and Lemonage a Trois?

10. 18th Me: Send in your favorite photo, select your favorite painting, and they’ll paint your likeness in 18th century form. Hello holiday gifts!

What good stuff did you find or make this week? Share links with us in the comments below!