This week saw us delving cookie first into the holidays. Of course, there’s more about the end of November than gold bows, portable fireplaces, and stockings. We’ve got our last November BritList! Oh and if you missed it this morning, check out Brit on the Today Show sharing some our secrets on how to decorate for the holidays on a budget and with time to spare!

1. Padintosh: Miss the look of your old Mac Classic? What about that vintage Apple IIC? Turn the back of your iPad into an old school Macintosh.

2. Lazerwood Keys: Speaking of old Macs, remember when they were made out of wood? Wait, what? That is completely ridiculous but… we love the juxtaposition of brand new tech with gorgeously aged wood.

3. B&Co Ammo Cufflinks: If only the and in our logo was an ampersand!

4. Carly Geek Print Sweater: Geek is always chic – you know we love it.

5. Zipper Bookmark: This ensures you’ll always zip right to the right page! Punnery and bright colors? Sign us up.

6. Lid Sid: Need a way to keep that lid open that doesn’t involve a slippery wooden spoon? Lid Sid to the rescue.

7. 24kt Gold iPhone Horn Amplifier: Who not spend $1K on a golden iPhone amplifier? That being said, this is a pretty beautiful object to look at… online :)

8. Dream Vendor: This interactive 3D printing station allows students over at Virginia Tech to fabricate prototypes for academic and personal design projects in a matter of minutes. Simply insert an SD card with 3D printer code (generated from CAD) into the machine, and out pops your design!

9. Thermal Battery Mug: Keep yourself charged up with a cup of joe and make sure that battery is always full.

10. Soft Serve Door Stop: So cute!

11. Spirit Hoods: Sure you’ve seen this weird trend of animal hoods with furry scarves attached, but what about ones with headphones and a smartphone (or mp3 player) pocket included as well!

12. Zaarly Christmas Pop-Up Shop: A digital pop-up shop, of course! Zaarly, a company that sells services (make me some s’more bars!) and experiences (a sail along the SF bay) has just launched a gift guide for all the folks on your list (the one who’s too busy, the adventurer, the new family member, etc), including a session at a professional recording studio with the rapper, KO.

13. Cheergram: Finally, an Instagrammed Christmas! Cheergrams turns your Instagram photos into sweet holiday cards in a jiffy! For five more ways to turn your digital photos into greeting cards, head here.

And that’s another Friday morning here at Brit + Co! Happy weekend!

If you’ve found or made any awesomeness we should check out, share links with us in the comments below!