You’ve definitely seen a bow wreath before and you will again, perhaps on your very own door! This is one of those holiday basics that you can easily whip up in just about 15 minutes, and all you need are bows, glue or tape, cardboard, and scissors.

 – holiday gift bows

– cardboard

– hot glue

– scissors

Gather a pile of gold bows.

Use a large bowl to cut a circle out of your cardboard. Then use a smaller bowl for the middle to create a ring.

Then… glue your bows on!

That’s it. It is insanely simple and makes for a great holiday piece.

The monochromatic color palette of the gold gives it a surprisingly sophisticated vibe.

Hang it on your door and you’re done! Best of all, it’s way lighter than a regular wreath so you can use tape or a push pin to keep it in place.

What your favorite DIY projects for holiday decorations? Let us know in the comments below.