The Internet is a serious treasure trove of goodness around the holidays. Whether you’re looking for the best ’90s gifts, white elephant gifts, or gifts that give back, there is so much good stuff out there! Of course, there’s also some mega-random stuff out there, and that is why the BritList exists. Enjoy!

1. The Pizza Underground: It seems that Macaulay Culkin’s glamorous childhood limo ride with pizza and red wine has finally inspired what we all knew was inevitable: a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band. Okay, there was no way anyone could have predicted this but, there it is.

2. Shady Lady Mittens ($68): Shady lady! Who knew kate spade went shady?

3. NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar: We are both depressed and relieved that this calendar has already sold out.

4. Inflatable Zebra, Elephant, and Tiger ($300-$450): Umm… spray paint that elephant white and and you really do have the ultimate white elephant gift.

5. Wine Straws ($4): If you love a glass of cab, you are probably familiar with the perils of “wine teeth.” That purple hue is just made to ruin your pearly whites! But, arm yourself with wine straws and your teeth will be protected. Of course, you’ll be the person drinking wine out of a straw so… you’re not getting any cool points anytime soon.

6. Catchbox ($549): What is a Catchbox? It’s basically a pillow and microphone in one. It’s made for conferences

7. The Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut: All the movies you love, boiled into one surprisingly un-manic supercut.

8. Puzzle Facade: This amazing piece turns an entire building into a giant Tetris-like illuminated Rubik’s cube, and it’s controlled by a 3D-printed Rubik’s cube. So cool!

9. Grumpy Sailor Cat iPhone Case ($35): Grumpy Cat as a sailor? Yes. Yes please!

10. Woofmaker: Since when is one Macaulay Culkin GIF ever enough? Thanks to Woofmaker, you can make your own customized gif from this horribly awesome Home Alone scene. Nellie (pictured) really is a dog, so we don’t think she’ll be offended by this particular mashup ;)

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.