Whew, already another week! The warm weather in San Francisco has us longing for summer, and all that goes along with it. From the best grills around to a super easy DIY beach dress to roughage-rich asparagus salads, this summer promises to be an epic one, filled with making, finding, and lots of giggles.

Tetris Swimsuit: Beach chic doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your inner geek. We love this aquatic ode to Tetris. Stay tuned for more geek chic swimwear finds in the next few weeks.

Wordless Web: Sometimes you just want to look at really pretty pictures. Wordless Web is a simple browser plugin that acts as a "remove copy" button for any website you're on. The effect on our site isn't too dramatic, as we love pretty pictures too. But try it on Facebook and revel in the lack of "I just ate a sandwich for lunch" status updates.

Keyboard Makes Drinks: Haven't you always wanted to know what glitter tastes like? In alcoholic form? Well lucky for you, a Russian named Morskoiboy decided to create a keyboard that can turn any word into a drink. Each letter is connected to a tube which is connected to flavored syrups. Top your concoction off with a serving of booze, and there you have it.

Electronic Drum Machine Shirt: That's right. A drum machine on a t-shirt. It actually works, and you can even record loops and create a full on musical composition.

MacBook Cutting Board: Initial shock turned into giddy glee when we stumbled across this Apple-centric number. A cutting board or serving block carved into the likeness of a MacBook Pro.

Boxetti Furniture Modules: Minimalist design meets high functionality in these incredible furniture modules. Each module can be transformed into a compact block “in order to obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space – free of uselessness.” We could definitely use a few of these at HQ. :)

iPhone Business Cards: Obviously, these were a huge hit at Brit & Co. These sweet business cards look exactly like your iPhone lock screen and contact page. Talk about digital-meets-analog!

Twice the Vice Chocolates: Chocolates that not only have alcohol inside but actually taste like cocktails? Sign us up. Naturally, we’re partial to the Chick Drinks Collection which includes Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Chocolate Martini flavors.

Salt & Pepper Maracas: Does your dinner table need a musical facelift? Bust out these playful salt and pepper maracas and don't be surprised if your guests break out into a conga line.

Pencil Sharpener Ring: Doodlers, artists, teachers, and students rejoice! This gorgeous ring happens to be a fully functional pencil sharpener too! It’ll set you back a cool $225 but is just begging for a DIY attempt.

Whale Tissue Holder: The sniffles are no good, even if they're just a result of allergy season. Let this sweet wooden whale take care of you.

Stumble across some goodness we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or find us on Twitter. Happy Friday!