From celebrating the 17th Anniversary of Clueless to finding the perfect pair of headphones and coming up with 3 new ways to spike your sweets (Margarita Poptails, Watermelon Jello Shots, and Raspberry Pudding Bites), we've been all over the map this week at Brit HQ. Today's BritList is no exception. Get ready for wine glasses that serenade you, the most comfortable wedges ever, and boring old tweets from 2006.

Watermelon Skirt: Gotta get our daily dose of watermelon. This adorable skirt is the perfect piece for summer, especially if you're hosting a watermelon-themed boozy Sunday brunch.

Musical Wine Glasses: Aka, the most amazing wine glasses in the world? Each glass is equipped with musical notations that correspond to the level of liquid in the glass and will produce the correct note when you run your finger along the rim of the glass. A full set of 12 covers an entire octave! We like to think this product was inspired by one Miss Congeniality. ;)

Universal Gadget Charger: A backup charger you can wear on your wrist? Yes please! This watch-like little gadget charges via USB and is there to charge up all your handheld devices. We think a Jawbone UP-esque hack is definitely in order.

Noisy Typer: Long for the staccato soundtrack of a traditional typewriter? Noisy Typer by FAT Lab is an app that turns your laptop's sound into a typewriter. While this would be super annoying for coworkers, it's definitely a fun way to mix things up.

Composition Notebook iPad Folio: Remember doodling in one of these black and white composition books in elementary school? This charming iPad cover will bring you back and bring a smile to those around you whenever you're surfing the web, creating gorgeous iPad artwork, or virtually scrapbooking.

Melamine Picnic Dish Set: Long for the all American aesthetic of rippled paper plates and red solo cups but hate the waste? One of our favorite online retailers, Perpetual Kid, brings you dishwasher safe melamine "paper" plates and solo cups.

Tom's Strappy Wedge Collection: Thought we were excited when Tom's released super comfy ballet flats? These strappy wedges really take things to the next level. Available in cork and espadrille, these are an instant spring, summer and early fall staple.

Old Tweets: Guess what. No one really knew how to "use" Twitter when they first started tweeting. In fact, people were kind of boring. The proof is in everyone's early tweets, as displayed on new Twitter search engine oldtweets.

Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper: Corn on the cob is one our favorite things to throw on the grill in the summertime, but sometimes you want to use fresh corn in non-cob form. While taking a knife to the cob is totally doable, if you're trying to get a lot of corn at once it can become tiresome. Enter this Deluxe Corn Stripper! Definitely an item for the Shortcut Chef.

Wild Harvested Aromatics: Can't make it to the great outdoors this weekend? Bring the aroma of mountains, deserts, rivers, and valleys into your home with natural room sprays and richly scented incense sticks.

The Original Clueless Trailer: Finally, one last ode to Clueless. How much does this trailer bring you back?

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