Who doesn't love a short week? This one had us pushing the boundaries of all the different ways you can style a men's shirt, marveling at the reality of Camelflage, and turning our old floppy disks into colorful planters. Along the way we found ourselves salivating over sandwiches by state, brainstorming ways to add LED illumination to clothing, and so much more. We hope you enjoy your weekly dose of miscellaneous delight on this week's BritList.

National Donut Day: We'll kick things off with today's awesome but obscure holiday. National Donut Day! It is a lovely Friday for a donut. (photo via)

Bike Carryall: Sometimes a backpack or basket just won't do the trick, especially if you're carrying a baguette or two. Reel transforms the main triangle of your bike frame into an elastic carrying zone.

LED Knitwear: Knitwear plus LED lights equals totally illuminating fashion. We definitely have to play around with this at Brit HQ. This collection by Rhyme & Reason features handcrafted garments and is made by one of the geniuses behind the 3D printed bikini.

Visualize the Time: We love heading to Yanko to check out cool design concepts from up-and-coming innovators. This Visual Alarm Clock lets you set the alarm by drawing a mark at the exact time you need and the face will change colors to notify you. Not exactly ideal for waking you up in the morning, but definitely a cool concept. Make marks with different colors to create multiple alarms, each with a different hue.

Foldable.me: Who doesn't need a foldable paper doll that looks just like them? Foldable.me lets you customize paper dolls, then they ship them to you, and then you fold! Head to their website and sign up to be the first to know when you can start getting your fold on.

Stately Sandwiches: Designer Kelly Pratt has taken it upon herself to photograph and consume every state in the country, by way of the sandwiches each state is known for. We're, of course, partial to California and New York and can't wait to see what she cooks up for Texas.

Helveticards: We promised we'd keep you updated on all that happens in the world of Helvetica, and these cards are legit. These are available on Fab for a few more days and come in classic, CMYK and Cyan/Black. Love it!

Cargo Containers: Speaking of Fab, one of our favorite companies is having an epic sale! Areaware, maker of the Flip Clock iPhone dock and Wood + Nail bottle opener, is going for it from melty looking candle holders to this whimsical ceramic cargo containers. Who knew cargo containers could be such charmers?

Dynamite Clock: Waking up is dynamite, and if starting your day to Taio Cruz's awesome pop song isn't quite enough explosiveness for your morning, try your hand at building this Dynamite Clock. And yes, the only way to turn it off is the defuse it by snipping the "right" wire.

This Many Card: Probably have to order a stockpile of these for all upcoming birthdays. The card is blind-embossed using letterpress and lets you color in the appropriate number of candles! Sadly, your friends who are over 100 are out of luck.

Found or made some good stuff we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below. Happy Friday!