If you caught our Brit Kits news yesterday, you’ve probably guessed that this week at Brit HQ was all about getting code, materials, and copy ready for our big launch. Along the way, we couldn’t help but giggle, gawk, and guffaw at the following 10 pieces of silliness.

1. Write a Bike: A custom bike concept with your name on it! :)

2. Pop-Up Dating Shop: Now this is an interesting take on dating. French dating site AdopteUnMec has created a shop with men displayed in toy boxes in windows where women can shop for eligible bachelors. Definitely a fun campaign.

3. LoveIt: Not another Pinterest clone! Ok, this site is pretty much exactly like Pinterest BUT it does one thing Pinterest does not (but desperately needs to): LoveIt offers private collections. Kind of a huge win.

4. GoldieBlox: Girls are always in need of industrious role models who get their engineering on. GoldieBlox is a contraction toy and book series star gin Goldie, the kid inventor who loves to build.

5. Toast Note: Why leave a note on the fridge when you can leave it on a piece of toast?

6. French Toasters: Speaking of toast, these toast coasters (toasters!) are pretty dang cute.

7. Social Media Shoes: Custom shoes are always a win, but how about ones that reflect all of our favorite social networks? We’re loving this collection by Lumen Bigott and might have to create some of our own over at Keds Collective. (Editor’s Note: I actually did create a pair of custom Keds for a trip to Disneyworld with my bff! See them here.)

8. Trampoline Tent: Tent season may be on its way out, but this trampoline tent is a pretty ingenious concept. Trampolines are like giant beds anyway, right? (Update: This tent has recently been discontinued! Sad face.)

9. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie: LOVE this tote. Where’s the t-shirt option?

10. hi-Call: We love gloves with touchscreen capabilities, but what about ones that act as speakers and microphones too? These gloves are Bluetooth-enabled and let you actually turn your hand into a handset. Amazing.

What goodness have you ran into on the web this week? Share fun and creative links in the comments below. Happy Friday!