It’s Fri-YAY!

San Francisco’s all a-buzz this morning with the onset of Outside Lands. And thousands of millennial hipsters are wondering if they really need a layer to wear over their DIY crop top ;)

1. Big Hero 6 Bed: I haven’t even seen this movie and I totally need this bed. Or at least my seven-year-old self does.

2. Beyoncé Flash Tattoos: Flash tats designed by the Queen herself — just, flawless. (h/t HelloGiggles)

3. Wearable Edible Design: Created by TourDeFork Designs (best name ever), these 3D printed rings are all about turning your favorite fruits and desserts into jewels you can put on display. This invention definitely made us giggle. It’s like an organic ring pop.

4. Mini Smiley Balloon Favors: All of us kids of the ‘90s are seriously happy that smiley faces are back, because really, they never left.

5. 2016 Coffee & Tea Calendar: It’s not too early to start thinking about 2016. We love this new piece by Rifle Paper Co.

6. This Beach Ball, Tho ($15): Those colors are legit.

7. #DressTheRainbow: Speaking of seriously legit colors, every single gal in this office is 100% obsessed with The House That Lars Built’s #DressTheRainbow series. Come to SF and let us pose with you please!

Oh, and one time five years ago I also *kind of* dressed the rainbow to provide outfit inspo to my friends for my monochromatic birthday party. Self-timers and side ponies are a real dream team.

8. Sweet Talk Pen Set ($14): You rule so hard.

9. The Diary of a Teenage Girl: Press play. Not only does this seem like one of the first legit teen coming-of-age movies we’ve seen in a while, but the illustrations are insanely beautiful, and perfectly capture the visual mind of a teen girl.

Have a great weekend!