Happy day after Thanksgiving. If you need a break from cruising all the Black Friday Sales, you’ve come to the right place (though we do have our own sale going too, if you want to check it out). Today’s BritList is filled with the delicious, the Jetsons-esque and the very tiny. Enjoy!

1. Sriracha Beer is Happening: Ready for all your holiday wishes to come true? Oregon-based Rogue Ales has announced the upcoming release of Sriracha Beer. For real. We’ll be sure to share more deets when we have ’em. Very grateful hat tip to Eater for cluing us in.

2. Hamburger Bedding ($80): The folks that brought us pizza bedding are taking us on a tasty roller coaster ride of emotions. Hamburger bedding is real, and it’s actually not that expensive ;)

3. #hashtag Necklace ($20): Geek chic stocking stuffer alert!

4. The Very Hungry Man’s Ice Cream Scoop ($60): I’m personally a huge fan of Hammacher Schlemmer’s tongue-in-cheek product titles, and this one is no exception. This scoop scoops an ENTIRE PINT.

5. Wings Stud Earrings ($16 each): These. Earrings. Rule.

6. 3D Printing in Outer Space: The Zero-Gravity 3D Printer is officially in business. This week, Made in Space’s innovative printer completed the first functional print in space. And because, naturally, no one working in space is making frivolous objects, they created a face plate to cover the wiring on the extruder of the print. So cool.

7. Christmas Photo Prop Party Pack ($22): Keep this on hand for your inevitable holiday party crawl, and everyone you know will want to snap a selfie with you.

8. Gorgeous Geo Sculpture Paintings by Zin Helena Song: How beautiful are these sculptural paintings? We love the optical illusion aspect of them and, of course, the color blocks.

9. Jumbo Bananagrams ($45): Banangrams are still cool, and now they are gigantic.

10. Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Thanksgiving: #cuteoverload

Bonus! It’s My Birthday and I Made You a Present: Presenting the newest iteration of “wouldn’t this make a cool Instagram or Tumblr?”: The ’90s Are My Spirit Animal. Follow it, love it and tell me why the ’90s are your spirit animal.

Happy weekend!