A party just isn’t a party without a couple of finely crafted cocktails at the ready (or mocktails, for those who don’t drink alcohol). But mastering the art of mixology instead of just serving gin and tonics every time you host can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, for those of us willing to learn, there are plenty of resources out there. And none are more finely attuned to lovers of sci-fi nerddom than The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy, a just-released cocktail recipe book from Andy Heidel, owner of The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY.

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy

In keeping with the sci-fi theme of the bar (yes, it has a TARDIS-themed bathroom), the book is filled with recipes inspired by everything from Back to the Future to Doctor Who, Beetlejuice to The Martian. And interspersed between the recipes are fun little asides and jokes that make it feel less like the stodgy cocktail guides you may be used to reading (what is Captain James T. Kirk’s favorite melon? “KAHNtalope,” obviously).

You can sip a George R.R. Martini while you impatiently wait for Game of Thrones to come back in the year 2028 or whatever it is (instructions? “[L]ike Martin’s novels, this cocktail can take two to four years to create.”). Or, enjoy a Warp Core Sex on the Breach, a Star Trek-inspired tipple that updates the classic Sex on the Beach with the addition of Barrow’s Intense ginger liqueur and Chambord.

The book, from St. Martin’s Press, is avaiable now. But if you want to get a head start on your foray into sci-fi cocktail slinging, check out the recipe for a Star Wars-inspired Mai Tai Fighter below.

Mai Tai Fighter

Hard day chasing down rebel scum? Enjoy your shore leave with this classic.


  • 1/2 part Captain Morgan spiced rum
  • 1/2 part Malibu rum
  • 1 part pineapple juice
  • 1 part papaya juice
  • splash of orange juice
  • splash of grenadine


Pour all the ingredients into a medium glass filled with ice. Shake or stir. Enjoy.

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