Yup, The Notebook was officially released on June 25th, 2004. Can you believe that it鈥檚 been 10 whole years since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams brought the dramatic tale of Noah and Allie to life? We can鈥檛 either! From lookalike dresses to movie-inspired engagement photos, here are 10 ways to celebrate one of the sweetest and most romantic movies ever.

1. Fond Voyage Dress ($95): Every single time we watch the movie, the one thing that catches our attention is how stylish Allie is. Now, you can look as vintage and cute as she does.

2. I鈥檓 a Bird Greeting Card ($5): We鈥檙e not quite sure what holiday-related purpose this greeting card would serve, but it sure would be awfully romantic to surprise your boo with it one random morning.

3. The Notebook-Inspired Engagement Photos: This couple chose to base their engagement photos off of The Notebook, and it鈥檚 pretty much one of the cutest things we鈥檝e ever seen. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

4. The Notebook聽Art Print ($16): Re-imagined movie posters are some of our most favorite things. This one in particular really captures the simplicity of the tale.

5. Hey Girl Journal ($10): Don鈥檛 lie, you know that half the reason you love this movie is because of this hunky guy. This notebook is one of the coolest things ever because it鈥檚 filled with places for you to write down your best Hey Girl pickup lines.

6. The Notebook聽Novel ($10): Why not go back to the beginning and read the novel the movie was based off of? Warning: It鈥檚 just as much of a tearjerker as the movie. But you already knew that.

7. DIY Envelopes: While we all love the convenience of e-mail, there鈥檚 no feeling like opening up an envelope from a loved one. Every day is the perfect day to spontaneously send a note to someone, especially when you know they鈥檒l actually receive the message. (Sorry, Allie. TEARS!) (via A Pumpkin + A Princess)

8. The Notebook聽Minimalist Poster: More minimalism? Check! (via Vincent Gabriele)

9. You and Me, Everyday Throw Pillow ($20): A romantic quote on a throw pillow? This is absolutely one to add to your upcoming anniversary gift.

10. Boat Scene Poster Art ($15+): And finally, a posterized version of one of our favorite scenes in the movie (aside from that dramatic kiss in the rain, of course).

How will you celebrate The Notebook鈥榮 tenth anniversary? Tell us in the comments below!