Spring is like an explosion of joy; there’s new life everywhere, and if you’re lucky enough to be starting a new life adventure with the love of your life, spring is a gorgeous time for some engagement photos. When you’re thinking of ideas for engagement shoots, think warm lighting, lots of greenery, flowers and cheerful color palettes. If you need any more convincing that spring is the most romantic time of year, look no further than these dreamy and flowery engagement photos complete with cherry blossoms, canoes, confetti and flower crowns.

1. Perfectly Paired: A blue bicycle and a basket of flowers… it’s almost too perfect to handle! (via J. Layne Photography)

2. Old Fashioned Engagement: Anytime there’s a bit of tulle involved, we’re on board. This pretty vintage engagement shoot looks like something straight out of a storybook. (via Wedding Chicks)

3. Pink Blossoms: How romantic is a kiss under a beautiful floral canopy of cherry blossoms? (via Brooklyn Bride)

4. Flower Wreath: Even if you get a gray day without those perfect rays of sun beaming down everywhere, you can still incorporate some spring into your photos with special accents like a flower headpiece. And if you follow this couple’s lead, velvet flowers on your dude’s shirt are a must. (via Andria Lindquist)

5. Plaid and Flowers: This couple clearly had a lot of fun with their casual, playful photos complete with a boho flower crown and plaid shirt. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Puppy Love: Springtime is the epitome of playfulness and happiness, so don’t be afraid to bring your furry friends into your engagement photos for some extra fun and personality. (via Rensche Mari)

7. Purple Haze: If you’re lucky enough to have a bright and beautiful floral background, consider keeping your clothing choices neutral as not to clash. (via Utah Bride Blog)

8. Dream in Pink: Well, it doesn’t get more perfect than this! An orchard in bloom is an incredible place for an engagement shoot. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

9. Whimsical Country: This gorgeous, full length dress is elegant, but also adds a playful feel with that colorful detail work that works as a great accent to the neutral scenery. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

10. Flea Market Fun: Props can add a lot of character to your photo shoot. Have fun with colors and a mishmash of objects for pictures that perfectly capture the essence of your relationship. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

11. City Streets: Even if you live in the city, you can still incorporate spring color into your engagement photos with a bright wardrobe. (via Grey Likes Weddings)

12. Love Bugs: Coordinate bright colors with outfits that perfectly complement the setting and, of course, throw in an adorable old VW Beetle if you have it around. (via Wedding Chicks)

13. Coffee Shop: Did your romance start over a cup of coffee? Why not keep things simple and have your engagement photos shot in your favorite coffee shop? (via Wedding Sparrow)

14. Full Romance: No one said your engagement dress couldn’t be a showstopper. There are no rules when it comes to engagement photos. This teal gown fuses the beauty and authenticity of the setting. (via Wedding Sparrow)

15. You Spin Me Round: If there is an activity that you and your soon-to-be spouse enjoy, why not use it as the setting for authentic engagement photos — like this pretty vintage carousel. (via Floridian Weddings)

16. Picnic Lunch: Nothing says spring like a picnic shoot! Grab a basket and a blanket and you have a beautifully simple setting for lovely photos. (via 100 Layer Cake)

17. Fields of Flowers: Sun-drenched photos are ethereal and magical. There’s a reason they call that period just before sunset the Golden Hour. (via Wedding Sparrow)

18. Confetti Shot: Fun and playful with a generous toss of confetti, this spring engagement shoot is both beautiful and biodegradable. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

19. Fields of Gold: Know of a secret field of dreams? Start your life off together on a magical field of daffodil yellow. (via Storyboard Wedding)

20. Desert Engagement: If you live somewhere high and dry, you might need to make your own springtime magic and bubbles seem like a pretty charming way to bring a little something special to your photos. (via Polka Dot Bride)

21. Field of Balloons: Live somewhere where you can’t get to a field of flowers? Check out these engagement photos with lots and lots of balloons for some highly inspired ideas! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

22. Vibrant Colors: With a light and fresh makeup palette and a beautiful and cheerful bouquet, this engagement shoot will definitely bring a smile to your face after the grays of winter. (via Chris and Kristen Photography)

Which of these engagement shoots inspires you to skip through fields of flowers? Let us know in the comments below!