It’s not news that we’re being tracked more and more often — but by our own cell phones? There’s a terrifying hidden feature that allows all of our iPhones to keep tabs on exactly where we’re going, how often and how much time we’re spending in each place. It’s not the first piece of tech that does that — Google is pretty infamous for tracking users too and so is Instagram. Scary, right? And even scarier if your phone falls into the wrong hands. But luckily, turning it off is super easy and takes less than a minute. Here’s what you need to do.

First, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Select that.


Then, scroll down to “System Services” and click on “Frequent Locations.” Here’s where you should be prepared to be creeped out. Click through and see all the spots you’re going to frequently and how much time you’re spending there.


Now quick, erase it all! Just press “Clear History” and then turn off “Frequent Locations.”


And voilà! Your phone won’t be keeping tabs on you anymore.

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