After you go through a breakup, more likely than not there will be things left unsaid. Sometimes those thoughts and questions can slowly eat you up inside. That’s probably a major reason why that viral video of two exes asking each other hard questions struck a chord with 13 million viewers. If you have something you’re dying to say to your ex, we suggest you get in touch with Rora Blue, the artist behind the currently trending #unsentproject.

unsent project 3

The art project was started by 19-year-old, California–based artist Rora Blue. Last year, Blue asked people to send her their first love’s name and the message they wish they could send them. She also asked respondents to specify which color they think of when their first love comes to mind. Over 2,000 people responded to the original prompt. She then printed the messages on the color paper each person specified and arranged 400 of these texts by color into a massive collage. She also regularly shares them on her Instagram.

unsent project 2

On Blue’s website, she writes, “My goal was to find out what color most people see love in. As I created the collage, I was pleasantly surprised to find that love is seen in the full spectrum of color. I wanted to create something that was visually appealing from a distance but emotional and meaningful up close.”

unsent project
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As you might expect, the messages range from sad sentiments to bitter thoughts to sweet notes of closure. Since she launched the project last year, more than 25,000 people have shared messages they’ll never send. If you have something you want to get off your chest, head to Rora’s site to send an anonymous message.

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