Chances are when you and your partner call it quits there are a million questions you want to ask and even more things you wish you could tell them. But the reality is, hardly any of us ever actually do either of those things. We tell our journal and maybe our friends and that’s about it. But what if you actually could sit down with your ex and hash out all those lingering questions. Would it be helpful or harmful? While we can’t tell you for certain, we can confirm that it makes a super interesting documentary series.

The interactive online documentary, The And is a collaboration between marketing agency Noise, The Skin Deep and director Topaz Adizes. In the videos we watch various couples sit down and ask each some hard-hitting questions. Last week a video featuring couple Ali and Andrew (who dated for seven years) racked up over nine million views in just a week. Their two-part video starts off with Ali asking Andrew, “Why did you cheat on me so many times?” And it only gets more real from there.

The two chat about their happiest memory together and Andrew even asks if she ever thinks about getting back together with him. The whole ordeal is weirdly mesmerizing. Maybe in part because you’re getting a super intimate look into two total strangers lives and also because they ask a lot of the same questions you’ve probably wanted to ask your ex.

If you’re as hooked as we are you’ll be happy to know that The And and Glamour Magazine actually have a bunch of other videos that follow this same format – except not all the couples featured are exes. There is a sweet married couple who are about to have their first baby together, a high-school couple whose future is uncertain and another couple in which one partner has transitioned from female to male during the course of their relationship.

They ask each other questions like: “Do you wish I made more money” or “Tell me about a time I disappointed you” and even “Can you see yourself marrying me?” We won’t say you won’t tear up right alongside these folks, but we will say that you’ll probably watch them all in one viewing.

What questions do you wish you could ask your ex? Share with us in the comments below.