The Women’s March on Washington Saw Zero Arrests and Our Hearts Are Singing
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The Women’s March on Washington Saw Zero Arrests and Our Hearts Are Singing

We came, we saw, we marched… and we had our voices heard loud and clear all around the world! The Women’s March on Washington was an undeniably powerful, inspirational and lesson-filled event and, according to reports? It was also completely peaceful.

According to DC Homeland Security Director Christopher Geldart, there was not one single arrest made in Washington during the entire event. That’s right: Out of an estimated 500,000 people in attendance, there were ZERO arrests. Even when crowds gathered outside of the Trump Hotel in DC, they simply placed their signs in front of its doors. That was it. Seriously, how much prouder could we feel?

Their numbers were double those predicted: In addition to the 500,000 being reported in DC, 750,000 were reported in LA and about 250,000 in Chicago, just to name a few: Total numbers came in even higher — a lot higher. An estimated three million people marched for the cause around the globe: WHOA.

The turnout was so massive, in fact, that the entire route of the march had to be altered in Washington. As NBC reported, the impressive show of support actually prevented “organizers from leading the formal march toward the White House. Instead of trekking en masse to the Ellipse by the White House as planned, the protesters were told to make their way there on their own by way of other streets.” Yet still, no one — not a single person — stepped out of line.

Ladies — and the men that support them — thank you. You seriously, seriously rock.

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(h/t The Hill, photos via Mario Tama/Getty)