As hundreds of thousands of women gather聽in聽Washington DC (and 600 other cities around not just our nation, but the country: This group even joined from a boat in Antarctica!), for today鈥檚 historic Women鈥檚 March, sporting their best #nastywoman merch and DIY 鈥減ussyhats,鈥 social media is abuzz with first-person accounts from the historic events taking place.

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 21: Charlize Theron poses during the Women's March on Main Street Park City on January 21, 2017 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, the hashtag #WhyIMarch is absolutely blowing up, and it鈥檚 sparking MORE than enough hope to 鈥渢rump鈥 any misgivings you may have had about yesterday鈥檚 inauguration. Don鈥檛 believe us? Check out these 10 Tweets to get your inspiration levels up to 1000 percent: You鈥檙e gonna need it in the four years to come!

1. @profe105: Linda marched to stand up for herself and those bulled by others.

2. @rockyraffle: Reminding us that the Women鈥檚 March isn鈥檛 only for women, Rocky, like many awesome guys, is marching for all the women in his life.

3. @WeekendnMuskoka: Twitter user Dawn spotted one protestor in Canada who couldn鈥檛 believe he still HAD to march for the issues at hand: 鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe we still have to protest this sh*t,鈥 read his sign.

4. @cre8ivetype: Jillian and her friends made a seriously strong statement when they showed up in their suffragette-inspired outfits, marching for those that came before them and saying 鈥淪ame sh*t, different century.鈥 Yep.

5. @ResistinginNYC: Looking to the future, Joi is marching for what鈥檚 yet to come, making it a point to remind us all that kids deserve 鈥渁 future with all of their freedoms on which this country was founded.鈥

6. @foodityourself: Mollynda marched for those in her family that couldn鈥檛, because she now had the privilege and freedom to do so.

7. @brekky94609: In Oakland, Brekky donned her Hills shirt proudly to let everyone know who it was that she was marching for.

8. @AshleyNicoleHen: Ashley marched for her fellow minorities and their deserved equality as both women AND people. 鈥淚 see you and love you,鈥 she said, quoting Tracee Ellis Ross鈥檚 Golden Globes acceptance speech.

9. @Isloanetherapy: In San Francisco, Lily got creative while prepping to battle the elements with a DIY umbrella, complete with sketches of a uterus and a list of everyone she鈥檚 marching for. Brilliant!

10. @mikefinke: It may be simple, but this sign spotted in NYC is making us emotional AF. Not one, not two, but millions of people around the country are marching 鈥渇or every daughter in America鈥 and THAT is truly a beautiful thing.

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(Photo via Michael Loccisano + Dan Kitwood/Getty)