10 Coffee-Inspired Tattoos That Are the Ultimate Ode to Caffeine
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10 Coffee-Inspired Tattoos That Are the Ultimate Ode to Caffeine

Whether you take your coffee iced, piping hot, black or mixed with milk, we can all agree that this source of caffeine is more than a pastime — it’s a lifeline. While you make have settled for a coffee subscription service to wake yourself up, some people are using a needle to show their dedication to caffeine. Instagram is filled with foodies, fashionistas and, apparently, ink-obsessed coffee drinkers. Below we’re sharing our favorite coffee-inspired tattoos from the people who’ve taken their caffeine commitment to the next level.

1. Portafilter Perfection: Serious baristas, display one of the most important tools of your trade front and center. It’ll give you extra coffee cred with your customers as you create awe-inspiring latte art. (via @polillatattoo)

2. Colored Coffee: Just because you take your coffee black doesn’t mean you can’t add a little color to your ink. (via @authentink_studio)

3. Coffee & Cats: The puuuurfect pair. Too far? Still cute. (via @xharleyflemingtattoox)

4. Room for Cream?: Only full cups of the real thing here. This ink is French press perfection — sans milk and sugar. (via ashuwee)

5. Coffee Love: Could the placement of this adorable design be any better? This coffee cup and heart combo has us feeling all the love. (via @kales_andreoni)

6. Brew on the Go: Always a girl on the go? Illustrate your constant travel buddy with colorful details and floral accents. (via @northsidetattooz)

7. Mini-Portafilter: This espresso-sized portafilter tat is the perfect way to show your love for quality coffee. Cortado, anyone? (via @matekszon)

8. Declaring Allegiance: Whether you’re faithful to your local coffee shop or a big brand’s biggest fan, upgrade your loyalty card by putting their logo in ink, like this dedication to Dunkin’ Donuts. (via @sarahevetattoo)

9. A Short Cuppa Joe: Sometimes the prettiest things can come in the smallest (to order) packages. This behind-the-ear, peek-a-boo tattoo expresses a commitment to caffeine flawlessly. (via @jamminsammin89)

10. Espresso Your Love: Let us never forget the hardworking machines that make the drinks that keep us running every day. (via @annie_tie)

Contemplating some coffee-inspired ink or already rocking it? We want to see! Tag us in your Instagram pics at @britandco.