Coffee lovers will be giddy about Starbucks鈥檚 latest addition (Hint: It鈥檚 not a new drink, although we鈥檙e pretty excited about the recently announced Latte Macchiato). Rather, it鈥檚 an app available to the public that will help you learn all about the coffee you love so much.

starbucks passport

Starbucks baristas have been carrying around a print version of this guidebook since the 1990s, which tells all about buying, roasting, brewing and tasting Starbucks coffee. Now regular people like us will have access to the coveted info via the app.

Truth be told, the app was really made with the company鈥檚 partners in mind, so they can have group coffee tastings, take notes and receive stamps for the coffee they鈥檝e tasted, but it鈥檚 also handy for the 鈥渢ruly coffee-curious customers,鈥 says David Carter, manager of Global Coffee & Tea Education for Starbucks. 鈥淏y making this publicly accessible, we hope that Starbucks partners and customers around the world will be able to connect through coffee.鈥

Starbucks passport feature

Starbucks鈥 Coffee Passport features 16 core coffees available to explore, as well as a dozen reserve coffees and a half-dozen seasonal selections 鈥 so now you can learn all about the Flat White and why you鈥檙e so obsessed. It also includes how-to guides and glossaries with content from the Starbucks blog 1912 Pike, stories about where Starbucks coffee is grown, video tutorials from partners and recipes. And if you鈥檙e into showing off your coffee knowledge, it will teach you how to improve your coffee-tasting skills by slurping the coffee and noting where you taste the flavors on your tongue. Fancy! So you鈥檒l be sure to either impress or annoy people at your next brunch.

Coffee aficionados can download the app here.

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(h/t Seattle Times; photos via Starbucks)