PUPPIES! Honestly, there鈥檚 probably nothing better than an adorable puppy (or kitten, if you鈥檙e into them) to warm your heart. While we鈥檙e used to seeing adorable stories about puppies and other animals who鈥檝e become besties, we don鈥檛 usually hear about dogs who are identical twins 鈥 probably because it鈥檚 never been recorded before. News is that there have been identical twin puppies born in South Africa, and we can just picture walking the twins over to Starbucks for their secret doggy menu.

According to the BBC, the dogs were born in Pretoria, SA and are the first recorded twins, born from one fertilized egg dividing and having both babies within the same birth sac. The reason this is so interesting and exciting is that, well, identical twins are very rare to most species.

The dogs, who are Irish Wolfounds (giant cuties, right?), are identical in every way 鈥 which has never been proven or recorded in dogs before. Other than people and one species of armadillo, scientists have never seen this sort of twinning happening in any other animals. Like, ever. So this is a pretty huge deal. They were found to be twins because, after hours of laboring, their mama needed to be taken for an emergency c-section, which led vets to discover the two hidden together.

We don鈥檛 know if the owners will adopt the pups out or keep them together forever (with their five brothers and sisters from the same litter!), but we hope to see more of the twins doing cute puppy things together while they grow.

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(Photo via The University of Pretoria)