Starbucks has been bringing us some pretty over-the-top delish drinks lately, and that’s not even taking into account their (not so) secret menu. Their legit Caramel Waffle Cone Frappucino and Key Lime Frappucino are both total faves this summer, not to mention the Double Double Fudge Bar Frappuccino. And it just takes a few little requests to hack your way to their secret menu of rainbow drinks. But while you’re sipping away, poor Rover is just sitting there, perhaps lapping up some tepid, tasteless water. Well, no more! It turns out that Starbucks has another secret menu, and this one is just for the dogs.

The adorable idea of the Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, Washington, is the Puppucino — a treat for the pups that volunteer Molly Clark takes along with her to Starbucks. Not only does it make an enjoyable little trip for the dogs, it’s also a way for the homeless animals to be seen by customers who might spot their new bestie and be willing to adopt a pup into their forever family.

Served in an appropriately-sized espresso cup (that is, if you have a teeny chihuahua — but don’t worry, the big breeds more than manage), the drink is, well, just a big ol’ cup of whipped cream. And the dogs LOVE IT!

Seriously, though, just take a look at how happy these pups are…

*heart swell*

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(h/t Glamour)