Welcome to our new food series called Eat It Up, where we share the kitchen gadgets and foods that we can’t cook without.

The case of expectation versus reality hits us hard when it comes to spatulas. Picture this: You triumphantly go in with your spatula to flip a salmon filet. You think its sear will be restaurant-worthy and perhaps land you on Top Chef, but then record-screech — your spatula gets caught. You try to scrape up the fish from the bottom of the pan and flip it again, but it’s too late. You splatter the flaky bits everywhere in the process. Looks like we’re having stir-fried fish tonight, folks.

Your kitchen tools, AKA spatula, may be to blame for this unfortunate but all-too-common occurrence, but we have found an easy solution for you thanks to Chris Kimball, of Milk Street and previously of America’s Test Kitchen. He has teamed up with Kuhn Rikon to create a kitchen collection we’re *very* much into with the highlight being this insanely thin and easy to use SoftEdge Quick Turn Spatula ($20). After you read all about it, you may find your current spatula is not cutting it…

The stainless steel spatula goes above and beyond the standard version, which tends to have a rigid base — not good for slipping under tight parts of the pan to release and flip foods effortlessly. As the name implies, the QuickTurn spatch solves that problem through its bendy and flexible base that can slide underneath hard-to-reach parts of pots and pans. The star component is the nonstick silicone edge that gently glides under fish, eggs, and more delicate items so you can flip ’em without them falling into a million pieces. We love that it’s safe for nonstick cookware and yet is heat-resistant (up to 425°F), so it won’t melt with use (like pesky plastic spatulas). If your grill (or grill pan) is lower than that temp, you can use it for that application too. Lastly, cleanup is a breeze, as this little tool is dishwasher safe.

Still not convinced it’s worth the moolah? Here’s how you can use the spatula with your everyday cooking:

  • Cookies and Biscuits: Anything that has a tendency to stick to the sheet pan will release with ease.
  • Eggs: Flipping fried eggs without breaking the yolk and omelets without splattering them all over the stove will be issues of the past.
  • Frying and Stir-frying: The shape lets you scoop and flip loose foods easily.
  • Fish: Even the flakiest filets won’t crush, so you can achieve that coveted crispy outer crust.
  • Pancakes: The flexible head makes flippin’ hot cakes oh-so easy.

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(Photo via Ruhn Rikon)