Most workplaces have come a long way from their staid, awkwardly formal former days. Some companies are extending Casual Fridays to the rest of the work week. Others are giving their employees more leeway than ever to work remotely and with flexible hours. And if you鈥檙e really lucky, you might even get to clock in to a dog-friendly office. Seriously, what a time to be alive.

While the tone at some companies seems to have calmed way down in recent years, there remains an uneasiness for many of us about what kind of information is appropriate to share with employers and colleagues. If, in 2018, jeans are acceptable on a Tuesday, is it also okay to talk openly about personal matters with the people who sign our paychecks? These subjects were once considered taboo, of course, but should they still be kept quiet?

SimplyHired recently surveyed 1,000 American employees about the state of candor in the modern workplace. While the percentage of people who admit to actively keeping secrets from their employers is pretty low 鈥 just eight percent, for example, say they鈥檝e hidden a pregnancy, while a third have lied about a doctor鈥檚 appointment 鈥 there remains a gray area for many of us about what is and isn鈥檛 up for discussion when we cross the office threshold.

To help eliminate this gray area once and for all, we turned to etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer for her opinion on many of the issues covered in the SimplyHired survey. The key takeaway? Outside of your close friends, most of the people you work with really don鈥檛 need to know what鈥檚 happening in your personal life. Keep scrolling for more of Schweitzer鈥檚 expertise.

keep it on the down low

sharing聽might actually be caring

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