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career advice 2022

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Laid Off? Here’s How To Seize The Opportunity

Reset, regroup, and get ready for your next amazing venture.


Become A Mentor in Our New Virtual Business Program For Women

Brit + Co's Selfmade is looking for inspiring mentors to take female founders to the next level.


What You Know About Happiness Is All Wrong

The founder and creator of The New Happy sets us straight.

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2 Times You Shouldn't Include a Cover Letter — And The 1 Time You Actually Should

Helpful (and time-saving) job hunting advice from the experts.

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Getting To Know Your Audience As An Entrepreneur

Selfmade alum and creative burnout coach Cari Abaunza on how to listen to your target customer


4 Calendar Hacks That Will Actually Make Your Coworkers Respect Your Boundaries

How to hack the elusive remote work-life balance.

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What Side Hustle You Should Start, Based On Your MBTI Type

Set yourself up for success.

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