Ah, Legos. Few toys are as timeless and inspiring as these little plastic pieces when it comes to sparking the imagination and building something great. From murals and rock star figurines to drones and digital cameras, the bounds of Lego-based projects are limitless, and now you can build your favorite photo in real life using those classic cubes and perfect parallelepipeds (we promise that’s a thing) and a bit of instruction along the way. An app called Brickshots gives you all the virtual tools you need to bring a photo to life, including a list of the physical pieces required to craft your 3D masterpiece.

Brickshots 1

Inspired? Yep, we are too, because with brick-by-brick building instructions, the app lets you create an actual Lego version of any image you choose. Upload your picture to the app for a detailed shopping list of exactly what Lego bricks you’ll need to make it come alive. Give it a spin, order those pieces and enjoy a next-level Tetris-like high while you fit everything together perfectly with your own two hands, matching your IRL project layer by layer to the finished product onscreen.

Brickshots 2

Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire another creative project in the process, like a Lego keyboard or any number of other amazing DIY ideas. To get started, download the app for free on iOS and Android.

Are you bringing a photo to life with Legos? Let us know about it in the comments section below!