What would you do with 7,600 LEGO bricks and 60 base plates in 24 hours?

If you’re letterer and illustrator Alice Lee you would make a kick-ass wall mural out of LEGOs.

Lee made the awesome wall mural above for Dropbox’s 2014 Hack Week. The annual Hack Week provides Dropboxers an opportunity to explore their wildest, most innovative ideas.

Sure, we’ve seen LEGO walls before, we’ve even seen smartphone-compatible LEGO wall calendars, but nothing nearly as beautiful and intricate as this.

Lee writes on her personal website that she starts every project with a sketch in Photoshop before cleaning up her designs in Illustrator.

Wonder how Lee was able to translate her hand drawn design into brick-form? Or, how she figured out what size LEGOs she needed? Yep, we were too!

Turns out there’s a software for that. Lee plugged her illustration into Pic2Brick, a software that creates mosaics from digital pictures. Lee says the software allowed her to maximize her time by spitting out the best combination of grids she would need for the project. Every second counts when you only have 24 hours to use up 7,600 colorful bricks.

Check out a time-lapse video of the wall mural coming together and get some tips on how to create your own wall on Lee’s website By Alice Lee.

What is the coolest thing you’ve seen constructed from Legos? Share it with us in the comments.