This Artist’s Pug Doodles Will Make Your Day Better
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This Artist’s Pug Doodles Will Make Your Day Better

From adorable Star Wars getups to Fourth of July swag, there’s no themed garb too good for our precious pups. But when an artistic couple decided to adopt an adorable pug named Monsieur Georges, they opted to tackle his wardrobe digitally (don’t worry, it’s WAY better than Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern suit).

“Since we are both designers, it naturally occurred to us that the best thing to do was to doodle the hell out of his little muzzle,” Max recently told Bored Panda. Now Georges is well on his way to becoming an Instagram legend, with over 5,000 followers swooning over his weekly posts. Whether he’s chillin’ poolside in a flamingo floatie or dressing up as our favorite Hogwarts cutie, he’s brightening up our day, every day. Scroll on for nine pugtastic pics to help you get over the midweek blues.

1. Got Me in Stitches: For all those who doubted if Stitch was actually a dog, take a good look at this mega cute evidence. Take that, haters!

2. Living the Pug Life: Summertime floatie? Check. Epic shades? Check. Boss Attitude? You better believe it.

3. Majestic AF: Never fear, unipug is here! Just right after one quick midday snooze…

4. One Ticket to Hogwarts Please: It looks like someone is getting excited for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — or should we say, Harry Pugster and the Cursed Pup.

5. Jack’s Better Half: We finally know why Jack and Rose couldn’t both survive on that large raft — Mr. Georges took the best one first!

6. Political Tears: Mr. Georges wasn’t the only one tearing up after the results of BREXIT was announced. But he sure was the cutest.

7. Pretty in Pink: The best place for Pugrina to practice his plié is on Mom’s shoulder, right?

8. GOAAAAAAL: Nothing gets past this up-and-coming all-star — especially delicious treats.

9. South of the Border: Monsieur Georges’s alter-ego Señor Jorge loves scavenging for taco crumbs, caring for his cactus and twirling his fabulous mustache.

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