The 35 Cutest Dogs Dressed Up for the 4th of July
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The 35 Cutest Dogs Dressed Up for the 4th of July

Last week, Brit + Co teamed up with @DogsofInstagram in pursuit of the most patriotic, freedom-loving pups, because, of course, we love dogs! Dogs dressed as fireworks, Star Wars dogs, frankly, any sort of dogs in costumes all have a place in our hearts. Well, the response to our call was overwhelming, and so was the level of cuteness and red-white-and-blueness. See for yourself, as you scroll through our 35 most patriotic pooches:

“This is my favorite spot to paws and reflect on life.”

We’ll just turn our cheek and pretend this adorable pup isn’t chewing on those patriotic Chucks. He’s just kissing them.

“YOU said we were going to the park…”

A puppy? A teddy bear? Not sure.

The face of a true re-pug-lican.

We should sing about Golden Doodles. Yankee Doodle is soooo 18th century.

You’re a true dog person when you exclude family members from the family photo. (And that’s totally okay!)

This Doodle always feels the need to one-up its neighbors.

“You’re not taking me out like this, though, right?”


Pug Life, represent.

“Sorry guys; I’m not signing paw-tographs today.”

“Forget the land of the free — I’m from the land of the fabulous!”

“There was mention of hot dogs at the cookout, so yeah, I gussied up.”

This gorgeous pup IS the star of that spangled banner!

Siberian is just in the name — these two are totes American and proud!

“I sat. I stayed. This doesn’t feel like freedom to me, guys.”

That’s so fetch.

Yo dog, I heard you like stars and stripes! So we made you wear stars and stripes in front of some stars and stripes!

“Today is the day he lets me drive; I can FEEL it.”

“One flag, one land, one heart, one hand… with a treat in it, I hope!”

This Frenchie just unleashed its inner fashionista!

Nothing says “freedom” like letting it all hang out.

“I’m afraid this spiked headband doesn’t look as intimidating as the spiked collar.”

Standing tall for the land of the treats, home of the brave.

“We woke up like this.

#nofilter #nomakeup”

This is about as pup-triotic as it gets!

This is what’s hot at American Apparel this summer.

That feeling when it’s Fourth of July weekend and the neighborhood smells like BBQ…

Some dogs think they are human; others take it a step further and think they are Uncle Sam.

“I don’t always wear flashy accessories, but when I do, it’s because there are milk bones in the deal.”

“Hey, guys! Maybe I should run for president? LAWLZ.”

“I pledge allegiance to this kong…”

The shoes don’t have to match the rest of the attire. You know why? FREEDOM. That’s why.

“Baby, I’m a firework!”


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