For Sara and Teddy, it’s the types of things that scare most of us that bind them together. They spend their time sky diving, hang gliding and surfing. In fact, Sara says she and Teddy were actually snowboarding when she realized she wanted to be his wife. When Sara and Teddy got engaged — and then (like most of us) spent the next six months planning a traditional 200-person wedding — they attended bridal conventions, visited venues and looked at cotton candy tables. Somewhere along the way they began to ask, “Is this really right for us?” They slowly came to the realization that a big wedding didn’t reflect what getting married really meant to them. It didn’t feel like the right setting for the serious promises they were going to make to one another. They decided that a private elopement just felt right for them. The couple got their parents’ blessing and began researching venues.


Dunton Hot Springs in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for this adventurous couple. The venue is raw but beautiful, remote but has a five-star chef on site (who literally foraged the berries for their breakfast), and they felt the spirit of the place was “fearless and adventurous,” just like them.

They had planned and budgeted for only two other people on site at their wedding: their pastor from Florida (they wanted someone who really knew them to conduct the service) and their photographer/friend Patrick Chin. Patrick frequently works with the filmmaker Seth Dunlap and told him how excited he was to shoot Sara and Teddy’s private wedding at such a special location. Seth didn’t want to miss out on the adventure and offered to film their wedding for free, just so he could take part.

On the day of, while Sara was getting ready, the weather took a turn and a crazy storm passed through, complete with hail and lightning. The staff at the resort told Teddy they could not go to the meadow where the marriage was scheduled to take place because it was simply too dangerous in this weather. Teddy said, “No — that’s the spot we’re getting married.” The rain cleared and they headed up in two cars: the pastor, Seth and Teddy in one, and Sara and Patrick in the other. Sara says she couldn’t figure out why Patrick was so nervous! They hadn’t told her about the resort’s warning.

When they arrived at the meadow, the clouds had cleared and the sun was out. Sara says it was so beautiful it took her breath away. See it for yourself in their incredible film by Seth Dunlap:

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