For couples who share a love for adventure, it鈥檚 *all* about the great outdoors. That鈥檚 exactly what inspired adventuring duo Raj and China when they reached out to photographer Jenn Byrne. Their snow-filled engagement shoot took place at White River Falls in Oregon 鈥 described as one of Oregon鈥檚 hidden jewels 鈥 and it couldn鈥檛 have been a more perfect location for this adventurous couple鈥檚 shoot.


Raj and China asked for photos that truly represented their relationship, weren鈥檛 overly posed and really focused on their mutual sense of adventure and obvious love for each other. With Jenn鈥檚 skilled eye, these *magical* photos prove how well she fared in doing just that.


One can even draw a parallel between the raw, churning power of the waterfalls to the ongoing love that so obviously flows between Raj and China. To convey this, Byrne approached the falls from up high and down low 鈥 producing breathtaking photos that will surely be treasured for years to come.


The waterfall鈥檚 impressive magnitude and jaw-dropping beauty was snapped from every angle, with Raj and China in the very midst of it. And, needless to say, Byrne captured their sense of adventure perfectly. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Photography: Jenn Byrne Creative