CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is really poppin’ this year. We’ve already heard about some awesome new Alexa capabilities, and of course there’s a lot of buzz about VR/AR. Smart homes have gotten, well, smarter and more popular recently, and this year’s show is no exception. It feels like we’ve seen it all… smart ovens, smart vacuums, smart… you get the picture. What we didn’t expect though was to see smart… hairbrushes?!


Oh yes. Withings, an offshoot of Nokia (yes, that Nokia), along with Kérastase and L’Oréal, has announced the Hair Coach. It’s a hairbrush totally decked out with the kinds of features you see in what we normally think of as gadgets. We’re talking accelerometers, gyroscopes and even a microphone (so it can listen to the sounds your hair makes when you brush it, not so you can have a karaoke party in your bathroom). The fun doesn’t stop there though — the brush has haptic feedback, like the kind you get on your phone’s touchscreen, so that it can guide you when you need to adjust your technique.


The connected app allows you to monitor your hair health over time, keeping an eye on dryness, damage, breakage and tangling. It will also analyze the force, rhythm, gestures and number of strokes you use to brush so it can tell you how to adjust what you’re doing. Wowza. The app can then create a personalized care routine and provide you with routine tips and more from Kérastase.


According to the folks at the CES booth, the brush will cost under $200, and it will be available starting mid-2017. You can sign up to stay informed about the product launch.

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(App photo via Withings)