Remember those old-school gold and silver tacks your elementary school teacher used on the bulletin boards? They’re our latest design obsession. Thumbtacks are back in a big way and can give your home decor a brand-new look that’s a little rocker chic and a whole lot fab. Cue Salt-n-Pepa. We’re about to push it real good. (And yes, that’s going to be in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.)

1. Faux Nailhead Trim Letter: Personalize your home decor with studded letters. The best part: You can make whatever letters you want! “XOXO” for your little lover? You bet. A friend’s soon-to-be new initials for a wedding shower gift? Adorable. (via Nessa the Procrastinator)

2. Side Table Makeover: Transform that stagnant side table you’ve had forever into a total rock star with some stud-worthy trim. Even better: It’s a two-item project (thumbtacks and a hammer!). (via Mad In Crafts)

3. Sunburst Mirror: What better way to get ready in the morning than with a shiny halo of thumbtacks around your glowing face? If nothing else, it’ll at least help wake you up in style. (via Kara Paslay Designs)

4. Wall Art: Now, this is what we call making a statement. Pick a favorite phrase or saying and literally push it into eye-catching artwork. (via Brit + Co.)

5. Thumbtack Candles: What’s better than a gold, glowing candle? The fact that this DIY is also a tricky way to disguise colored candles. Can you believe the wax is pink under those tacks? (via Gave That)

6. Thumbtack Tables: Hello, beautiful. This plain white IKEA table gets a major facelift thanks to a carefully planned template and lots of hammering. (via Shoestring Pavilion)

7. Gold Wreath: Whoever says wreaths are just for the holidays will eat their words after they lay eyes on this glammed-up creation… it’s stunning all year long. Your front door thanks you. (via Madigan Made)

8. Stylish Centerpiece: Grab some foam balls from your local crafts store, and get pushing. Drop them in a bowl and you’re set. Tip: Paint the tacks to match your room’s color palette. (via Landee See Landee Do)

9. Heart Art: Add sparkle and cheer to bare walls with this glitzy heart. If a heart is too schmaltzy for you, we think chevron would look fab. (via Unoriginal Mom)

10. Diamond Pattern Wall: Turn a plain wall into a diamond-studded stunner with a fresh coat of paint and bling-tastic tacks. (via Pride in Photos)

11. Thumbtack Art: It’s official: This is the perfect way to settle into newlywed bliss — his and hers art. (via Boxwood Clippings)

12. DIY Fabric Cork Board: Hang your pictures and to-do lists in style! This nailhead-inspired trim is super simple and super easy to customize based on your personality. (via Two Twenty One)

13. Thumbtack Pumpkins: Decorate your stoop with some stud-ly gourds. These are officially the toughest vegetables we’ve ever seen. (via Lily Shop)

14.Thumbtack Table: Top ‘er off! This side table got a little sprucing up with a few patterns that really make a statement. (via Mark Montano Blogs)

15. Gold Candle Makeovers: Who can say no to a $2 makeover? Embellish the bottom of plain pillar candle with a simple line or a zig zag to give them new life. (via The Blissful Bee)

16. Thumbtacks + Tape: Two blank canvases. One bold color. And a bunch of teeny tiny gold thumbtacks that transform into one big statement. Added perk (as if you need one, right?): The color possibilities are endless. (via Brit + Co.)

17. Ampersand Art: And we think we’ve found our new obsession: Ampersand and thumbtack combos. Seriously, this beauty would be a knockout in any room of your home. (via Live Love DIY)

18. Noel Wall Art: Give your holiday decor an industrial makeover — studded, silver, super festive. (via Dolen Diaries)

19. DIY Glitter Thumbtacks: And when all else fails, add even more glitz and glamour to the head of the thumbtacks. (via Lovely Indeed)

What other cool uses are there for thumbtacks that are more home function-focused? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!