For today’s installment of DIY Basics, we turn to our walls and 2 easy ways to decorate them. Because everything’s better with a little bling, we’ll show you how to use brass thumbtacks and gold duct tape to create quick and lovely wall art.

 gold duct tape

brass thumbtacks

18 x 24 stretched canvas

– teal paint

Before decorating your canvases, paint ’em! We used teal house paint.

Thumbtack Art

1. Create a design with painter’s tape.

2. Fill in your design by pushing thumbtacks into the canvas.

3. Keep on filling!

4. Peel tape off and rejoice.

Gold Tape Canvas Steps

1. Get that gold duct tape ready to go.

2. Create stripes with duct tape.

3. Snip off the duct tape at the edges.

4. Wrap around the edge of the canvas for a seamless look.

What simple and beautiful wall art have you created at home? Seen anything you’d like us to try making at Brit HQ? Talk to us in the comments below.