We may be all about the plus sign around here at Brit + Co., but we know a good ampersand when we see one. Celebrate a month devoted to you and me, she and him, us and them, and the like by giving a hearty hand of applause for the one and only ampersand. Here are 22 ways to show your love of that special symbol that binds :)

1. Ampersand Typography Print ($22): Love seeing all these different ampersands grouped together, and the ombre color move is perfect!

2. Ampersand Crewneck ($62): This pop art style makes for a pretty lovely sweatshirt.

3. Lucite Ampersand ($68): Dear Lucite, We may be color-obsessed around these parts but we’ve still got it bad for your clearly stylish ways. Love, Brit + Co.

4. Multi-Colored Ampersand Marquee Light ($209): We know a thing or two about a marquee, and dig the multi-colored bulbs on this fancy number.

5. Ampersand Letterpress Necklace ($37): How cool is this? It’s a letterpress block turned into a necklace!

6. Ampersand Cufflinks ($22): Cuff ’em, ladies!

7. Retro Graphic Ampersand Print ($55): This gorgeously graphic print screams ’60s mod style, and looks like something you’d see in the MoMA gift shop.

8. Ampersand Throw Pillow ($20): The curved stripes on this ampersand make our heads turn.

9. Premium Wood Ampersand Sculpture ($300): For a tabletop statement piece, this will both awe and impress.

10. Fun & Games Ring ($12): This sweet gold ring would make for a great Valentine’s Day present.

11. Ampersand Coin Purse ($8): Cute, poppy, and the perfect place for all that spare change.

12. White Collage Frame ($90): Though we tend to like creating salon walls from scratch, this pre-fabricated collage frame is actually pretty darn cool.

13. Neon Ampersand Print ($22): This would look right at home at Brit HQ.

14. Blue and White Ampersand Wall Clock ($30): This vintage-inspired design looks like it came straight from a ’70s children’s book.

15. Woodblock Rubber Stamp ($15): Put an ampersand on it.

16. Building Block Ampersand Onesie ($20): We do love us a good onesie and this would be a sweet option for a budding designer.

17. Ampersand Tea Towel ($15): This might be just what the Brit + Co. kitchen ordered! ;)

18. Elephant Ampersand Necklace ($28): A more modern take on the ampersand, this squiggly necklace is made from laser cut acrylic.

19. Ampersand Bottle Opener ($7): Brit Morin (the founder of Brit + Co.) totally gave me one of these for my birthday! #winning

20. Lampersand ($90): I know we already featured a marquee but, come on, it’s called Lampersand.

21. Multi-Colored Ampersand iPhone Case ($35): The design of this one mimics the layers you might see in woodgrain, but in many, many colors.

22. Ampersand Table (contact to order): And finally, a table we’ve been swooning over for months. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Are you all about the ampersand? Prefer the plus sign? Which of the finds above is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.