Craft projects can get pricey. But let us tell you something you don’t know. You likely have unsuspecting supplies lying around your own home… specifically, in your garbage. After your next batch of chili, peel the label off that can of beans, and you have yourself some mighty fine crafting material. Not only can you turn those tin cans into stylish decor, they can be transformed into useful tools. Check out our favorite ways to upcycle those shiny silver cylinders.

1. Tin Can Cutlery Holder: Just what you were looking for! A shabby chic way to display utensils at your next potluck. (via Madame Criativa)

2. Tin Can Centerpieces: Your party-on-a-budget just got better. Spray paint some tin cans, throw in a few flowers, and an amazing centerpiece appears. (via Shelterness)

3. Outdoor Lanterns: Your summer BBQs are going to rock all night long thanks to these festive outdoor lanterns. (via Fine Gardening)

4. Decoupaged Tin Can Holders: Store anything you can think of in these cute tin can holders. (via Catshome for Deviant Art)

5. Tin Can Speakers: Since you’ve only got $20 in your pocket, you can’t afford a Jawbone to listen to Macklemore. But you can make your own speaker. (via Wired)

6. Nautical Rope Vase: So simple. So nautical chic. Wrap rope around it to make a vase for your next party by the sea. (via Bay Side Bride)

7. Tin Can Cakes: Cakes in all shapes and sizes! Make personalized cakes for the next birthday with tin cans, tall and small. (via Oh Happy Day)

8. Tin Can Grill: You’ve been craving BBQ meats but your landlord says no BBQs on the fire escape. What’s a girl to do? Make her own mini disposable grill, duh! (via Lifehacker)

9. Biscuit Cutter: No need to buy a biscuit cutter. Just use the sharp edge of your tin can. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

10. Hanging Vases: Step your backyard decor up a notch. (via My DIY Chat)

11. Herb Wedding Favors: Give your wedding guests something they can actually use: herbs. Plant them in tin cans, add cute tags, and voila, eco-friendly wedding favors. (via Ruffled)

12. Tin Can Drums: Make the little drummer in your life a customized drum with some leather and tin cans. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. Tin Can Wine Rack: We used old coffee cans to create this color blocked wine rack. Cheers! (via Brit + Co.)

How will you transform your tin cans? Let us know in the comments below!