The dating app on everyone’s phones just released a slew of new updates that will make swiping left and right even more interesting. Today Tinder announced that you can now get your pre-date screening + virtual flirting on through Instagram, a new feature that will allow a more “real world” peek into the lives and filter choices of your potential soul mates.


With the new Instagram integration, Tinder users are able to connect their account to their profile with a single tap to display their recent shots and vids. Then, whoever you’re matched with can scroll through your recent adventures in addition to the info already included in your Tinder profile (and potentially see how #nofilter your in-app rundown actually is). We’re wondering how this new connection might change your Insta behavior. Maybe your feed could use less #shoefies, cat pics and artistic collages and stand to be buffed up with more selfies and shots of you + your P.I.C.s in action.


But Tinder didn’t stop there with the updates. Bonus features also include an expanded view of common connections. Now not only will you be able to see who is a direct friend of an eligible bachelor/bachelorette, but you’ll also be able to see the friends-of-friends you two have in common. This feature could add more context or totally scare you away if one of those friends happens to be that creeper you recognize from the bar last weekend.


The last new element you’ll find on the dating app that was almost called Matchbox is an expanded interests list that now includes all of your Facebook interests. While this feature will help highlight things you have in common — nothing like bonding over your shared interest in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at a wine bar (sipping peeno noir, of course) — it also means that it’s time really pay attention to everything you’ve thumbs-ed up from college till now. We bet you never thought you’d be spring cleaning your online profiles, huh?

After debuting Tinder Plus in March, the premium version of the courtship service that gives users access to unlimited liking capabilities and features like Passport + Rewind, Tinder’s latest moves definitely give non-paying users a major reason to stay loyal to the dating app: by combining the forces of these three new features, you’ll basically be conducting a full background check on your potential mate directly in the app. Talk about 21st century dating perks.

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(Photos via @tinder + Tinder)