There鈥檚 nothing like a warm summer day spent at the beach with a popsicle in hand. If that鈥檚 already got you visualizing what your perfect summer day is like, then these tiny tattoos will *totally* make you dream about summer. Whether it鈥檚 a simple ode to your favorite season or a meaningful symbol of personal growth, there are so many ways to don a summer-inspired tattoo that鈥檒l help your favorite season last forever. Don鈥檛 wait! Bust out those bikinis and board shorts, because here are 13 micro聽tattoos you can show off during these warmer months.

1. Fruit Salad: If your all-time favorite fruits are now in season, celebrate with a summer tattoo of those healthy snacks. You can even call it your special 鈥渇ruit salad鈥 of sorts. As for where to get it, the upper thigh is a prime spot for showing it off, since you鈥檒l be rocking plenty of shorts and bathing suits all summer long.

2. Popsicles: For those of you who can鈥檛 turn down this sweet, sticky treat on a hot summer day, consider getting one or two popsicle tattoos. They鈥檙e a fun and colorful way to play up that ink and are just *so* quintessentially summer.

3. Ice Cream Pop: Along with popsicles, ice cream is up there in terms of everyone鈥檚 favorite summer snacks. If you鈥檝e ever caught yourself daydreaming about the icy treat, then you know this ice cream pop tattoo was designed for you.

4. Wave: Coast the waves of utter tattoo perfection with this simple but pretty wave. Though its clean lines give off minimalist vibes, when paired with a splash of color, it turns the tattoo into a bright, modern design.

5. Flower: Whether you love a good frolic through a field of flowers or like what a flower represents, there鈥檚 no denying this dainty design is one everyone can appreciate. Consider a behind-the-ear tattoo for a more demure option that鈥檚 suitable for the workplace.

6. Cacti: You don鈥檛 need to have a green thumb to own a succulent or cacti, and the same goes for getting a tattoo of the plant. It鈥檚 no wonder these cuties are such a hit, being so low-maintenance and all.

7. Pair of Pineapples: If you and your best bud share a love for summer, say so with a pair of matching BFF pineapple tattoos. These quirky symbols of friendship are both playful and meaningful.

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8. Seashell: If there鈥檚 no place you鈥檇 rather be than the ocean, this delicate seashell tattoo is the one for you. With this piece of summer-inspired ink, you鈥檒l be able to bring a little beach with you no matter where you go.

9. Sun: Whether it鈥檚 with your friends or your family, you鈥檙e all about spreading those positive rays. Keep spreading that sunshine with an uplifting sun tattoo that鈥檒l remind you to continue being a beacon of light.

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10. Lemon: This peeping lemon tattoo is an adorable interpretation of the classic 鈥渨hen life gives you lemons鈥 saying. Show the world you鈥檙e not one to pass up on opportunities with this cute little design.

11. Sailboat: No matter what obstacles you face, rest assured you鈥檒l make it through the storm 鈥 just like the tough little sailboat you are. Get this symbolic tattoo to remind you of your resilience.

12. Palm Tree: This leafy palm tree is a whimsical reminder that paradise 鈥 whether that means the weekend or summer vacation 鈥 is just around the corner. Have your own form of sweet escape tatted on your ankle now!

13. Bicycle: Both minuscule in size and delicate in design, this bicycle tattoo is for the minimalist who loves to ride their two-wheeler everywhere. Can鈥檛 imagine yourself without your bike? Then it might be time to imagine yourself with this bicycle tattoo.

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