Every good Easter egg hunt begins with the eggs, of course. You’ll likely want a mix of real eggs and plastic eggs that you can hide surprises inside, so before you even start planning the hunt, you’ll need to decorate a few dozen eggs. Here are 40 creative ways to decorate easter eggs.

Keep Track
 Trust us, you will want to keep track of where you place the eggs, especially the real eggs. You may think you’ll remember, but you probably won’t. And you don’t want to end up coming across them at random times over the next few months.

Color Coding
 It’s more fun when kids are looking not just for eggs but for a specific color eggs. Consider turning your simple egg hunt into a scavenger hunt.

Provide Clues
 Your plastic eggs can be filled with clues to where the real eggs are hidden.

Non-Candy Treats

Don’t limit the treasures to just sweets. Your plastic eggs can be filled with coins and small toys, such as Hot Wheels, Lip Smackers and action figures.

Create Age Zones
 If you’re expecting kids in a range of ages, you may want to create separate “hunt zones” for the small kids, and make their eggs a bit more obvious to find. You can mark off zones using fun Easter printables.

Over at Tell, Love and Party, they are DIYing the cutest Easter garland that would be perfect for marking off age-specific zones at an Easter Egg Hunt.

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(Photo via Tell, Love and Party)