Call us a bunch of do-gooders, but we like our fashion to mean something. From jewelry that gives back to headphones that change the world, shopping for a cause has become our new favorite pastime. And now the king of socially conscious companies TOMS has launched a new line of bags that help provide new mothers with safe births in developing countries.


The new collection features totes, duffles, backpacks and crossbody bags. So whether you need a new carry-on or a new everyday purse, you can get a bag that helps save lives.


TOMS has come a long way from their initial shoe-providing mission. They’ve since expanded their mission to include helping give sight to those in need and providing clean water to developing countries. This latest expansion of their reach now helps provide safe births for mothers, saving both their lives and the lives of their newborns.


Their research has found that the leading cause of death for mothers and newborns around the world is infection. TOMS plans on saving nearly half a million lives simply by providing the clean supplies and training needed in facilities worldwide. They also found that nearly 40 million women give birth without the help of a skilled attendant. By making the appropriate training available to doulas and nurses, this additional help can mean the difference between life and death.


With clean supplies and training, research says that mothers are 80% less likely to develop an infection, while nearly half of the babies’ lives can be saved. Who knew something like a new diaper bag could do so much? Speaking of diaper bags, TOMS’ new one looks pretty perfect for a stylish mama.


And, come on, you know you need this ikat duffle in your life. Summer vacation is calling, and you finally have a legitimate reason to stock up on a new carryall.

Will you be picking up TOMS’ new line of bags? Let us know in the comments!