We’re officially decked out in all the sparkly accessories, feasting on snickerdoodles left and right and, most importantly, finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list. As long as we’re spending our hard-earned dough, we might as well give a few gifts that do good. And by gifts we mean jewelry. Whether your giftee chats everyone up about the charitable organization behind her new bauble or just enjoys the sweet satisfaction of a gift that gives back, she’ll be dazzled about the glam giving that these 22 pieces of jewelry do.

1. Elephant Ring Set ($40): Add some shine to your bestie’s life with this limited-edition collection of bling-tastic elephant jewelry. 50 percent of each purchase benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

2. The Giving Keys ($35): The key to giving this holiday season is… a necklace! The Giving Keys employs and helps homeless and low-income individuals. They encourage recipients to “pay it forward” by giving away their key, which comes inscribed with an inspirational word.

3. Fearless Necklace ($335): Give your friend some extra encouragement and help her make a bold fashion statement with this necklace, which donates 20 percent of the proceeds to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

4. Bronze Arrow Bracelet ($45): A collaboration between Toms and Fortuned Culture, this bracelet adds a stylish spin on one of our favorite design trends. To top it off, proceeds from this bracelet provide six months of safe transport to and from school for a child in Mexico.

5. Green Druzy Stone Earrings ($38): All purchases of these shiny earrings help create jobs for artisans in Brazil. We won’t blame you if you pick up a pair for yourself too!

6. Brass Lizard Cuff ($295): Does your bestie already have a favorite charity? Add it to Joan Hornig’s charity list, and with the purchase of this cuff, she’ll donate 100 percent of the profits to that charity.

7. FEED Kenya Bracelet ($20): We love the bold colors on these handmade bangles, but what we love even more is that with each purchase, a child in Kenya receives 10 school meals.

8. Beaming Sky Necklace ($42): If you’ve got an eco-lover on your list, they’ll appreciate this shiny beaded necklace, made from recycled paper. They’ll wear it proudly, knowing that the sale helped provide under-resourced women in Uganda with jobs, training and counseling.

9. Feather Ring ($176): Set your spirit and finger free with a feather ring made from reclaimed metal by artists in California. In keeping with their philanthropic mission, Alkemie donates a portion of sales to a different charity each month.

10. Cereal Food For Love Necklace ($35): Shaped like our favorite breakfast food, Mr. Kate donates a portion of this necklace’s sales to The Hunger Project. Be a cereal giver (pun intended!) and buy multiple colors to layer or give away.

11. Falling Whistles Necklace ($50): This simple and stylish necklace is a great unisex gift that benefits Falling Whistles, a non-profit working for peace in Congo. Proceeds from this necklace will help restore the lives of Congolese children affected by war and support leaders in the community.

12. Glimmer Bracelet ($34): This party-ready bracelet from Noonday provides employment opportunities for women artisans all over the world by showcasing their jewelry in trunk shows. Shiny jewelry + supporting makers? We call that a win!

13. 40 Karats, Prosperity Bracelet ($85): Handmade in Rwanda, your purchase of one of these blingy bracelets provides one of Same Sky’s artisans with clean water for one month.

14. Pura Vida Charity Bracelets ($5): No matter which type of charities your friends like to support, Pura Vida is sure to have them covered. Choose one of these bracelets, which are available in hundreds of different colors, and they’ll donate one dollar to charities that promote mental awareness, environmental causes, animal awareness, education and children, cancer awareness and more.

15. Yoko Ono Imagine Peace Bracelet ($80): Designed by famed peace activist and artist Yoko Ono, this cuff honors her husband’s legacy and celebrates her “Imagine Peace” campaign. Made of black matte oxide plating on steel and also available in gold, proceeds from this statement cuff go to supporting female entrepreneurship.

16. Gold Onyx Tree and Lotus Thrive Necklace ($149): Let the layering be done for you with this triple strand necklace inscribed with the lotus and tree of life symbols. All Satya Jewelry benefits the Satya Foundation, which supports children’s groups around the world.

17. UXO Hex Ring ($44): All of UNA‘s pieces are constructed out of recycled metal from land mines and unexploded ordinance (hence the name “UXO”). Stylish and sustainable jewelry — what’s not to love?

18. Elsabet: Gold Tube Earrings ($38): These Elsabet earrings are a fun take on the classic hoop earring. Made from melted bullet casings, this piece empowers HIV+ makers and demonstrates that beauty can be found in everything, even traditional symbols of violence.

19. Mahali Bar Necklace ($65): Made of mixed bone and aluminum beads on a delicate brass chain, this necklace was created by social activist Kine. Thanks to direct-trade online store and social enterprise, Soko, you can buy Kine’s designs, along with the designs of other international makers.

20. Gold Sword Protection Bangle ($45): Delicate, yet full of strength, proceeds from this simple bangle provide funding for two months of counseling and psychological care for a survivor in Ethiopia and Mexico.

21. The Silver Colorblock Necklace ($28): If your friend rocks the grunge look, this recycled bullet casing necklace might be totally up her alley. The proceeds go to Half United’s efforts to fighting hunger.

22. Garland Glam Bracelet ($28): Another beautiful piece from the 31 Bits holiday collection, this bracelet helps support women in Uganda.

Did we miss one of your favorite jewelers who gives back? How will you be giving back this holiday season?