This Valentine’s Day, skip the expensive dinner and make a unique rental choice — a tree house! Whether you’re glamping or looking for a fancy hotel, a tree house is the perfect romantic rendezvous. Surrounded by nature in a cozy little house for two: What could be better? We’re sharing seven of the most romantic tree houses you can actually rent.

1. Redwood Tree House in the Santa Cruz Mountains ($125+ per night): At under $200 a night, this rental is a total steal. Pack your beau and your doggie and get yourself off the grid for an offbeat weekend.

2. Trillium Tree House (Contact for rates): Located just outside of Seattle, this tree house may just be one of the best for a romantic rendezvous. There are no kids allowed, so your stay will be quiet and serene.

3. Doug and Linda’s Tree House ($250+ per night): This is the house that inspired this entire post. Located just outside San Francisco, this tree house is cozy with a gorgeous view.

4. Luxury Tree House Paradise ($296+ per night): This spot, favored by honeymooners, is suspended from and surrounded by white oak and hickory trees, close to Mohican State Park in Ohio. As an added bonus novelty, the only way to reach it is by suspension bridge.

5. Post Ranch Inn ($675+ per night): If you’re looking to splurge on your romantic getaway, these tree houses in Big Sur, California were made for a luxurious vacation. Enjoy the mountain views from your deck or cozy up in front of the wood-burning fireplace — either way, it’ll be a vacation to remember.

6. Amazon Rainforest Tree House Lodge ($500+ per night): Sure, a trip to Brazil may not be super practical for Valentine’s Day… at least this year. But a girl can dream, right? The vistas from this luxury rental are so bonkers, it’s unfair. We’ll call this one our aspirational-tree-house rental.

Which one would you want to spend your Valentine’s Day in? Let us know in the comments below!