Nothing says “I love you” more than heartwarming fare… especially when it’s served in bed. Valentine’s morning offers an excuse to indulge in berry-infused pastries and heart-shaped treats so delicious, you’ll wish every day was a special breakfast-in-bed affair. Dish up a little love for your sweetie with these romantic breakfast-in-bed recipes. After all, isn’t the way to anyone’s heart through their stomach? (via Brit + Co)

1. Lemon-Elderflower Waffles: You can give your loved one flowers… or serve them up floral-flavored waffles. (via Brit + Co)

2. Baked French Toast: The only thing better than French toast is not having to stand over the stove to make every piece. We’re obsessed with this baked version. (via Brit + Co)

3. Bacon Sheet Pan Pancakes: Make this. Why? It’s bacon in pancakes. Your sweetie will heart you when you bring fluffy bacon cakes to bed. Pair it with eggs and toast for a more well-rounded meal. (via Brit + Co)

4. Mermaid Smoothie Bowls: This healthy and eye-catching smoothie bowl will be sure to wow your Galentine or Valentine. (via Brit + Co)

5. Fancy AF Egg Clouds: If your honey likes breakfast on the fancier side, wow them with these easy, fancy AF egg clouds. (via Brit + Co)

6. Proud Mary Hotcake: The secret in these fluffy hotcakes is ricotta! Our favorite sweet and savory ingredient; with decedent decoration, this hotcake will warm any devourer’s heart (and stomach). (via Brit + Co)

7. Baked Grapefruit: Everything’s better broiled! This spin on a breakfast classic makes for a sweeter and juicier grapefruit flavor and looks so cute served on a platter. (via Brit + Co)

8. Chocolate Scones: Your breakfast favorite just got a Valentine’s Day makeover. This has to be the most decadent way to eat scones. Did we mention that chocolate chips are involved? To. Die. For. (via Brit + Co)

9. Ombré Smoothies: Blend together common ingredients, and voilà — you have an Instagrammable breakfast! Frozen fruit is the secret to the surprisingly intense colors. (via Brit + Co)

10. Green Shakshuka: Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this savory surprise? Take your relationship to new heights with power-packed greens and eggs all in one. (via Brit + Co)

11. Baked Donuts: Chocolate-dipped pretzels and fun sprinkles lend unexpected pizzazz to these sugared pink beauties. Bake the donuts ahead of time and drizzle on the glaze just before serving. (via Brit + Co)

12. Cinnamon French Toast Fingers: There’s something incredibly romantic about these hand-held French toast fingers. (via Brit + Co)

13. Chia Berry Jam: Put some heart into your homemade breakfast by combining strawberries, chia seeds, cream cheese, and toast. (via Brit + Co)

14. Hot Chocolate: Linger in bed a bit longer with your sweetie and cozy up over a cup of hot chocolate. Or… fill the mugs with half coffee for the best mocha ever. (via Brit + Co)


15. Egg-in-a-Hole Breakfast Sandwich: Not-your-average-breakfast sandwich; this sando comes with a runny yolk in the center and cheddar, avocado, and tomato in the middle. (via Brit + Co)

16. English Breakfast Burrito: A full English breakfast rolled up into a convenient handheld burrito? Give it to us! Don’t forget the beans. (via Brit + Co)

17. Fluffy AF Pancakes: Nothing screams breakfast more than a big stack of fluffy pancakes. Make a heart out of chocolate chips and put it on top of the stack for that extra touch. (via Brit + Co)

18. Tie-Dye Mug Cake: In the depths of winter, we tend to long for warmth even more. Treat yourself and your honey to a mug of this dessert to instantly perk up. Feel free to use muffin mix instead of cake mix to make it even more breakfast- appropriate. (via Brit + Co)

19. Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins: Valentine’s Day gives you the excuse to eat anything you want, so why not indulge in your favorite side dish with these muffins? Bonus: Your house now smells incredible. (via Brit + Co)

20. Vegan Muesli: Assemble this dish the night before and pull it out of the fridge whenever you need it. It makes a lot, so you’ll have plenty for later — or the perfect excuse to jump back in bed and enjoy even more. (via Brit + Co)

21. Bacon and Beer Waffle Cake: The ultimate comfort food gets a remodel with this tower of waffles. Flavored with thick-cut bacon and beer, these waffles are easy to put together and will earn you major points with the beer lover in your life. (via Brit + Co)

22. Strawberry Tart: Okay, our strawberry obsession may be a bit out of hand, but we just couldn’t help including this delectable recipe for this tart. The process is so simple. Hint: Store-bought pie crust is involved. (via Brit + Co)

23. Vegan Lemon Scones: Scones come together in a few easy steps and get drizzled in a lovely glaze. It’s a comforting way to start your V-Day. (via Brit + Co)

24. Blood Orange Banana Smoothies: These dramatic smoothies with a deep crimson hue set the tone for an epic Valentine’s Day. Eating a lighter breakfast means you’ll really be able to indulge at dinner too. (via Brit + Co)

25. Chocolate Banana Raspberry Almond Acai Bowls: Serve your loved one a big bowl o’ acai with all their fave toppings. (via Brit + Co)

26. Fluffiest Egg White Omelet: This omelet is filled with truffles and topped with caviar… but even the basic technique is standout. Beaten egg whites give it an amazing height and shape. (via Brit + Co)

27. Lemon Bar Chia Seed Pudding: Healthy and totally reminiscent of a classic lemon bar, this chia pudding can be made the night before, giving you more time to decorate in the morning. (via Brit + Co)

28. Stuffed French Toast: The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is for your partner to not have enough breakfast. Save the day by making a hearty dish of raspberry-cream-cheese-stuffed French toast. (via Brit + Co)

29. Mini Madeleines: These fluffy and sweet biscuit-like cookies come together in just four minutes, and this recipe makes one hundred of them. Serve them in a big basket in bed with a cup of tea for a totally sunshine-y morning. (via Dominique Ansel/MasterClass)

30. Hash Brown Egg Cups: Muffin-shaped things keep breakfast in bed a tidier affair. (via Siriously Delicious by Siri Daly / Time Inc., Books)

31. Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Eggs get baked in a sweet potato boat, and the whole thing gets garnished with lots of avo and bacon. (via Brit + Co)

What are you cooking up to eat under the covers? Lay down the love by sharing a photo of your Valentine’s Day breakfast with us on Instagram.

Additional reporting by Bethany Kosten and Anna Monette Roberts

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