Halloween is right around the corner, folks! If you鈥檝e finally nailed down your little one鈥檚聽costume, it鈥檚 time to start thinking about those trick-or-treat bags to corral ALL聽that candy. Go beyond the聽standard plastic bucket this year聽and聽get your hands dirty by DIYing together. You can customize it to match your spooky kiddo鈥檚 costume, or create something totally unique. Go get those聽glue guns heated up and keep reading for 11 trick-or-treat bags that are spooky and cute at the same time.


1. Zig Zag Bag: These DIY printable bags are simple, chic and get the job done. We love them to offset a super vibrant Halloween costume.聽(via Studio DIY)


2.聽Velcro Glitter Tote: Glitter makes everything better, and these DIY totes are no exception. Extra points if you match 鈥檈m with those spooky-cute costumes. (via聽Brit + Co)


3. Halloween Hearts Bag:聽These lovely little bags are a boo-tiful twist on the Comme des Gar莽ons Play heart logo. (via Oh Happy Day)


4. Candy Corn Trick-or-Treat Bag: This bag is so easy you鈥檒l probably think it鈥檚 all a trick (but it鈥檚 not).聽Use your sewing machine聽or hand sew it if you feel more comfortable. (via Purl Bee)


5. Gold Gourd Basket: Keep things classy this Halloween with a gold leaf candy聽basket. If you decide to skip the letters, this would make a聽great聽hanging planter for your succulents after the little ones have聽polished off all the candy. (via The Merrythought)


6. Shark Candy Bag: This bag is so cool, it will still be getting used long after the trick-or-treating is done. It would look killer paired with a surfer or beach bum costume. (via Stitched by Crystal)


7.聽Google Eye聽Bag: Not only is this bag easy to make, but it鈥檚 also the perfect size for those tiny tick or treaters that aren鈥檛 trying to collect mountains of candy. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


8.聽Fringe Trick or Treat Bag: We鈥檙e into the electric green hue and surprising fringe factor. Pass these out at your next party for major points. (via This Charming Party)


9. Skull Potato Stamp Bags:聽These couldn鈥檛-be-easier-to-make bags offer an edgier take聽on the standard trick or treat bags. We love using them as decorations, too. (via Martha Stewart)


10. Duct Tape Candy Buckets: Is there anything you can鈥檛 do with duct tape? Grab that tin can and a piece of cardboard out of your recycling bin, because this one is too cute to pass up. (via Mer Mag)


11. Bushel Baskets: Dress up a wooden basket with a little paint for your own take on the classic jack-o鈥-lantern. Use a pumpkin carving pattern to make tracing your face a piece of candy cake. (via Hoosier Homemade)

What kind of bucket will your kiddo be carrying around this Halloween? Will you be making any of the ones from our list? We鈥檇 love to hear from you!