Sitting down at a sewing machine for the first time can seem like a scary task, but we promise it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Whether you’re just learning how to stitch a straight line or you’re already a pro at reading patterns, there are endless possibilities to what you can create. So we’re sharing a whopping 40 projects for you to tackle, no matter your sewing skill level.


1. Drawstring Bag: Consisting of simple straight lines and forgiving measurements, this bag is a practical project for a beginner. (via Brit + Co)


2. Leather Tablet Case: Protect your precious tablet with a leather case that is way easier to make than you think. Another bonus: The entire project only costs $12. (via Brit + Co)


3. Patterned Apron: Don’t be intimidated by this kitchen-friendly project. It takes 10 minutes or less and it’ll open a whole new world of wardrobe sewing projects for you. (via Paper & Stitch)


4. Seat Cushions: Is that chair making you go numb? Bring it back to life with an easy-to-make cushion in a festive print. (via Brit + Co)

Laundry Basket

5. Laundry Basket: Ideal for dorms, this simple laundry basket will keep your discarded clothes looking cute. Regardless of what they’ve been through. (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Basic Tote Bag: A great project to teach the kids how to sew, this bag is just a bunch of straight stitches. Cart around your groceries at the farmer’s market or stow your kiddo’s pajamas in it for a sleepover. (via Brit + Co)


7. Pocket Square: Have a wedding coming up? Or maybe your fella is hunting for a little extra pizzaz? This one is almost too easy. (via Brit + Co)


8. Sleeping Bag: Got some glamping in your future? You’ll *need* these colorful sleepers. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Napkin Rings

9. Napkin Rings: Elevate your next dinner party with these *adorable* napkin rings. (via Make and Tell)


10. Poptart Pillow: This case is so SWEET, it’ll have you craving the real thing. (via Aww Sam)


11. Kimono: Here’s a great, lightweight way to jazz up your basic t-shirt and jeans or take your maxi-dress game to the next level. (via Brit + Co)


12. Outdoor Pouf: Practice your stitches and make something good for your porch. This is one project that you’ll be using all season long. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

Crossbody Bag

13. Crossbody Bag: What do you get when you combine a pretty dishtowel and 20 minutes? An adorable new crossbody bag. This would also make a great gift, if you can bear to part with it. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


14. Dog Bed: Help your pup savor every minute of their precious sleep with a floral-printed puppy bed. (via Sarah Hearts)


15. Turban Headband: Dreaded second-day hair is a thing of the past. Tame your flyaways, hide greasy roots, and look totally chic while doing it. (via Brit + Co)


16. Blanket Pillow Cover: Grab that blanket that’s been sitting in your linen closest and give it new life as a pillow cover. (via Brit + Co)

Crib Sheets

17. Crib Sheets: Got a little babe on the way? Make these precious ones built for pint-sized sleeping quarters. (Psst: These make for a great gift too!) (via Lovely Indeed)


18. Cactus Pillows: Succulents are all the rage right now, and even a brown thumb gardener can keep these babies alive. The free-form shapes are super forgiving and will give you a taste of sewing curved edges. (via Brit + Co)


19. Baby Bloomers: We can think of *many* reasons why to sew these tiny baby bloomers, and that cheery pattern is just the start. (via Lovely Indeed)


20. Colorful Pennant: Dying to host a summer party, but don’t want to drop alot of cash? This one’s for you. By using cardstock and a sewing machine, you’ll be saving a ton on some statement-making decorations. (via Hey, Let’s Make Stuff)


21. Fabric Basket: Corral loose toys, keep throw blankets out of sight, or use them to get your living room clean when the unexpected guest drops by. It’s almost impossible not to find a use for these fabric baskets. (via A Little Craft In Your Day)


22. XOXO Pillows: Show your couch a little love with these graphic pillows. Once you learn how to create your own shapes, the possibilities are endless. (via Brit +Co)

Photo Strap

23. Camera Strap: It’s no secret that we love a good photoshoot here at Brit + Co. Now you can hold your own at home with this stitched strap that’s sure to help you get all your snaps. (via Club Crafted)

Passport Holder

24. Passport Holder: Make ’em for your family or for yourself. This tutorial will teach you how to sew passports for the whole crew. (via Hello Creative Family)

Drawstring Backpack

25. Drawstring Backpack: An on-the-go pack that’s practical and trendy too? Sign us up for this one! (via Hello Wonderful)


26. Fabric Pocket Planter: You’ve mastered the sacred art of indoor gardening, so now you can work on perfecting your skills. This bag is the ideal size for your everyday succulents or herbs. (via Club Crafted)


27. Maxi Dress: No wardrobe is complete without a great maxi dress. Stop denying yourself and get stitching. (via Brit + Co)


28. Butterfly Chair: Kick up your feet and take a load off. You deserve it after getting through this project. (via The Proper Blog)


29. Rope Rug: Scour your local craft store’s scrap bin and make a new statement rug for any room. You’re going to need a little extra space for this project, so clear off the kitchen table. Mama’s got work to do. (via A Beautiful Mess)


30. Reusable Snack Sacks: Stop wasting all those ziplock bags and make something worthy of housing your snacks. Oilcloth fabric makes these easy to clean, and the velcro enclosure means they won’t spill in your purse. (via Brit + Co)

Piping Pillows

31. Canvas Laundry Bag: Alright, so you’ve got the DIY pillow down. Upgrade your skills with this technicolor piping project that’ll put your needle and thread to the test. (via A Little Craft In Your Day)


32. Thrifted Dress to Two-Piece: Did you find a great printed dress at the thrift store, but the fit is all wrong? Transform that drab dress into a killer two-piece. Wear them together, or don each separately. It’s like getting three new outfits for the price of one. (via Brit + Co)


33. Stencil Dress: Expect to spend about a day and a half on this project. We promise, the final product is definitely worth all the hard work. (via Handmade Charlotte)

Window Seat

34. Window Seat: Whip up this seat and keep it stocked with a cozy throw, a stack of books, and pillows for all the rainy days ahead. (via Lovely Indeed)


35. Book Clutch: Rescue an old book from the trash and resuscitate it into a cute, kitschy clutch. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Reading Pouf

36. Rainbow Pouf: On the days when R&R calls, this rainbow pouf will keep you resting easy — without even leaving the room. (via The House That Lars Built)


37. Hammock Chair: Make this chair with a quick trip to the hardware store and an hour at the sewing machine. Everyone will be fighting over the cool seat hanging out in the corner. (via A Beautiful Mess)


38. From Bootcut to Skinny Jeans: Have a closet full of bootcut jeans, but find that you’re more of a skinnies girl these days? Don’t drop a ton of cash on new jeans. Instead, add a zipper down each side and treat yourself to a spa day with the money you saved. (via Brit + Co)


39. Skort: No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you… the skort is back! Make sure you stay on trend with this modern version. (via Brit +Co)


40. Reupholstered Storage Ottoman: Does that ottoman have great bones, but horrible, outdated fabric? Don’t pass it up; patch it up! (via Brit + Co)

How will you exercise your sewing skills this month? Let us know @BritandCo!

Additional reporting by Ashley Tyler