The perfect Valentine鈥檚 Day card can be tricky to find 鈥 either they鈥檙e too sappy, too cheesy or just not fun. We know you鈥檙e searching for a card that reflects exactly how you feel. Sometimes it鈥檚 easier to let someone else do the talking for you 鈥 that someone else being your favorite聽TV character. Check out these 13 Valentines starring your favorite people from the small screen.


1. Seinfeld ($6): We hope you don鈥檛 have a checklist as long as Elaine鈥檚, but even if you do, Valentine鈥檚 Day is the perfect day to tell your SO that they made it.

dr. who2

2. Both My Hearts ($5): Apparently River Song has nothing on you. Get your nerd on this Valentine鈥檚 Day with this sweet Dr. Who card.


3. Downton Abbey Printables: Whether your SO is Team Crawley or Team Servants, these printable Valentines will take care of them both. (via Cobalt and Dash)


4. Game of Thrones ($4): Awwww. We wanna be somebody鈥檚 sun and stars too. Just no horse hearts, please.


5. Portlandia ($4): Even if you don鈥檛 have crazy adventures like Fred and Carrie, you can still put their faces on a Valentine.


6. Ron Swanson ($4): The question we鈥檙e all asking here is鈥 does Ron Swanson approve this message?


7. Friends ($5): With this card, there鈥檚 no taking it back, so don鈥檛 pull a Chandler.


8. Love Ru: Don鈥檛 trust just a box of chocolates to satisfy your drag queen. Include this be-hearted postcard. (via New Now Next)


9. The Bates ($5): For the Mr. or Mrs. Bates in your life, let them know they鈥檙e the only one.

the office

10. Dwight Schrute ($5): While we wouldn鈥檛 recommend this Valentine for just anyone, we know all you Office lovers will frame it.

11. Galentine鈥檚 Day: Share the love with all your besties and gift them one of these sweet Galentines, full of Leslie Knope鈥檚 best compliments. (via Brit + Co)


12. Stefon Printables ($7): SNL lovers, this one is especially for you. We won鈥檛 blame you if you gift them to yourself.

13. Reality TV ($4): Watch too much reality TV? Let your boo know just how much you care with this card.

What is your favorite pop culture Valentine? Send us links below!