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How This Pillow Could Save Your Long Distance Relationship

This is the best couples therapy you’ll ever sleep on.


5 Wearables That Remember Your Passwords for You

Here’s extra incentive to change your password from, well, “password.” :-/


This Light Changes Color When Someone Texts You

Notti is an app-enabled, highly customizable smart light that changes color to alert you to any important smartphone activity. Cool.


How to Take 3D Photos With Your Smartphone

Kúla’s recently launched Kickstater campaign aims to make 3D photography accessible to everyone.


Thanks to Estimote, Your Apps Will Always Know Where You Are

Welcome to the world of contextually aware apps that are smart enough to always know what you’re up to.


This Wearable Will Let You Read Texts on Your Finger

Is tech jewelry stacking a thing? It is now.


5 Areas of Your Life in Need of an App Upgrade

There are some apps that help you make big lifestyle changes, which in turn can lead to a happier, healthier, more-likely-to-sing-in-the-shower-every-morning you.


5 Genius Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phone

You just need to get in touch with your resourceful side, and you’ll soon find yourself using your old phone for everything other than making calls. To get you started, here are our five favorite ways to repurpose an old phone. These tips may not make your phone feel like new again, but we can guarantee you won’t be doing any ditching anytime soon.


Beat Procrastination With These 5 Time Tracking Apps

We’re big fans of creative, productivity boosting solutions and are always looking to cram one more thing into the day. If that sounds anything like you, you may want to try some of these time tracking apps.


5 Tips for Making Your Smartphone Even Smarter

We’ve put together five tips to make your phone smarter. Give them a try and you’ll soon see what we’re so excited about. In fact, you may find yourself wondering why you thought your phone was smart to begin with.


5 Hacks to Make Your iPhone Feel Like New Again

Here are five simple hacks that will keep your smartphone feeling like new. Who knows? Maybe after this you won’t need to be first in line at the Apple store…


See This Awesome Kayak Fold Into a Portable Bag!

This origami-inspired, fully-functional kayak folds into a 33 x 29-inch carrying case in a matter of minutes, and weighs only 26 pounds.

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