As much as we love our smartphones, there’s no staying on top of them 24/7. Try as you might to avoid missed calls and unseen notifications, it’s hard to see every little message lighting up that little screen. And don’t even get us started on emails. That’s where snazzy solutions like Ringly and Mota ring come in. These stylish wearables help you keep connected and on top of things even when you’re not near your phone. If that sounds impressive, wait until you hear about Notti, a smart light that will make sure you never miss another call or email again.

Recently launched on Kickstarter by Witti, a Hong-Kong-based startup, Notti is an app-enabled, highly customizable smart light that changes color to alert you to any important smartphone activity. This includes everything from incoming calls, SMS and emails to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp notifications. It can even alert you to any IFTTT activity. Cool, right?

Each alert can be customized to display a different color, and with six million colors to choose from, we’re pretty sure they have all of your favorites. It also comes with a music mode, which sets the light to change color to the rhythm of your tunage.

Notti is great for setting the mood. Its powerful LED light can be used to create ambiance, and there’s even the option to dim the light for something a little more intimate. But perhaps the most impressive feature of all is Notti’s alarm mode, where it starts brightening your room five minutes before your alarm is meant to go off for a peaceful wakeup.

Notti may be a smart light, but it’s designed to be simple and easy to use. Using either iOS or Android, you can connect via Bluetooth to configure which notifications you want Notti to display and set the display color.

Want to take it with you everywhere? That’s possible. It’s light (excuse the pun). Its battery life is impressive, lasting 720 hours. And it looks good, too. The Witti team put careful thought into its design, and you’ll thank them for it when you see it IRL.

With a week to go on their Kickstarter campaign and already nearly $50,000 raised, they’ve more than exceeded their $5,000 goal. Should they hit the $50,000 mark, they’re also promising an improved alarm that works without connecting to your phone.

Notti is expected to ship early 2015 and will retail for $80. But as part of the Kickstarter campaign, you can get your hands on a smart light for as little as $40.

What do you think of Notti? Would you use a device like this to stay on top of notifications and calls? Share your thoughts in the comments below.