Anyone who鈥檚 ever dealt with the stress of student debt knows how helpful a scholarship can be. But while applying to college is intimidating enough, need-based grants may only go so far, and knowing how to score聽a scholarship can feel next to impossible. That鈥檚 why the developers behind an app called Scholly decided to pull together a wealth of information and instructions in one simple user interface, putting current and prospective college students in a position where knowledge isn鈥檛 just power 鈥 it鈥檚 also cold, hard cash.


By showing users聽a vast array of聽available聽scholarships聽and helping them narrow everything聽down to determine which ones聽they could qualify for, the app is catching on with quite a few academic enthusiasts, including two Shark Tank investors, Lori Greiner and Daymond John. They invested $40,000 in the app earlier this year. It鈥檚 an especially useful聽tool for people looking to connect with tuition聽funds and solutions for other college costs, considering the fact that more than $100 million scholarship dollars go unclaimed each year.


From the looks of this app, we鈥檙e guessing that number鈥檚 about to decline pretty sharply. That鈥檚 a very good thing if it means more students can get the education they desire (and deserve!), especially if it keeps them out of debt in the process. And since the app鈥檚 founder, Christopher Gray, put himself through college by winning 35 (yes, 35) private scholarships and had enough left over to pay for grad school too, we鈥檙e thinking the dude knows what he鈥檚 talking about.

DL It: $2.99 on iOS or Android

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